UltraPremium™ Compatible Kangen
Replacement Cartridge Filter
initial testing showed Fluoride was reduced to undetectable levels

works in  all Toyo, IE-Series, Ange, & Enagic Leveluk brand water ionizers

Shipping is FREE in USA with orders over $100.00

Leveluk Kangen Water Ionizer owners make sure that you are getting the correct filter or please call us.
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 The UltraPremium Kangen filter is designed you work in the following Alkaline Water Ionizers
Enagic Leveluk Brands made before 2011 Impart Group (IE Series) Toyo Apex

SD501 DXII Sunus IE-900 IE-500 IE-300 Pure Porte II Protec Ange

The UltraPremium™ Kangen replacement cartridge filter is an important filter option now being made available to you. This filter employs the GAC filter technology used in the MW7000HG-N Enagic Kangen Water filter. However it is densely packed with media and we feel confident that the UltraPremium is more advanced than the Enagic filter. The UltraPremium™ Kangen filter has been tested to remove several common contaminants to not detectable (ND) levels including fluoride as seen in the test result chart below. We don't have a rationale to explain why it was able to reduce fluoride to undetectable levels because it doesn't have any synthetic alumina in it. Synthetic alumina is the media used in the water filtration industry to remove fluoride from source water. For this reason we are not able to classify the UltraPremium™ Kangen filter as a fluoride removal filter even though the test showed that fluoride was effectively removed. We consider this an unexpected benefit seeing that several customers are very interested in removing fluoride from their drinking water. The UltraPremium™ Kangen made with NSF grade carbon. This is the most economical filter available for Kangen water owners and as these tests demonstrate, remarkably effective.

We are pleased to introduce the CleanSweep replacement cartridge filter. As you may already know, both the IEC-8000 and MW-7000C cartridge filters are no longer being imported, and this has greatly restricted the options available for customers to choose from. We are glad to say that the CleanSweep is actually an improvement over the IEC-8000 and the MW-700C which many of you have become familiar with. It is truly a remarkable filter that works with all Toyo, IE-Series, Ange, & Enagic Leveluk brand water ionizers. We have tested it in our IE-900, a Pure Port II and a Leveluk DXII and the water taste great. The filter works like a champ, the water tastes crisp, sweet, and clean. There is no problems with flow rate and when you examine the list of contaminants removed by the CleanSweep you will see why the water it produces taste so great.

UltraPremium™ Kangen Filter MG-100
Test Results

Drinking Water Standard

Conc. Unit
1. Total bacteria colony counts below 100 CFU/mL ND
2. Total Coliforms ND -/100mL ND
3. Escherichia coli ND -/100mL ND
4. Pb below 0.01 mg/L ND
5. F (Fluoride) below 1.5 mg/L ND
6. As below 0.01 mg/L ND
7. Se below 0.01 mg/L ND
8. Hg below 0.001 mg/L ND
9. CN below 0.01 mg/L ND
10. Cr below 0.05 mg/L ND
11. NH3-N below 0.5 mg/L ND
12. NO3-N below 10 mg/L 1.5
13. Cd below 0.005 mg/L ND
14. Boron below 1.0 mg/L ND
15. Phenol below 0.005 mg/L ND
16. Diazinon below 0.02 mg/L ND
17. Parathion below 0.06 mg/L ND
18. Penitrothion below 0.04 mg/L ND
19. Carbaryl below 0.07 mg/L ND
20. 1.1.1-Trichloroethane below 0.1 mg/L ND
21. Tetrachloroethylene below 0.01 mg/L ND
22. Trichloroethylene below 0.03 mg/L ND
23. Dichloroethane below 0.02 mg/L ND
24. Benzene below 0.01 mg/L ND
25. Toluene below 0.7 mg/L ND
26. Ethylbenzene below 0.3 mg/L ND
27. Xylenes below 0.5 mg/L ND
28. 1,1-Dichloroethylene below 0.03 mg/L ND
29. Carbon tetrachloride below 0.002 mg/L ND
30. 1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane below 0.003 mg/L ND
31. 1,4-Dioxane below 0.05 mg/L ND
32. Residual chlorine below 4.0 mg/L ND
33. Total trihalomethane below 0.1 mg/L ND
34. Chloroform below 0.08 mg/L ND
35. Bromodichloromethane below 0.03 mg/L ND
36. Dibromochloromethane below 0.1 mg/L ND
37. Chloral Hydrate below 0.03 mg/L ND
38. Dibromoacetonitrile below 0.1 mg/L ND
39. Dichloroacetonitrile below 0.09 mg/L ND
40. Trichloroacetonitrile below 0.004 mg/L ND
41. Haloacetic acids below 0.1 mg/L ND
42. Formalderhyde below 0.5 mg/L ND
43. Hardness below 300 mg/L 61
44. Consumption of KMnO4 below 10 mg/L ND
45. Odor Odorless mg/L Odorless
46. Taste Tastless mg/L Tastless
47. Cu below 1 mg/L ND
48. Color below 5 mg/L ND
49. ABS below 0.5 mg/L ND
50. pH 5.8 ~ 8.5 mg/L 7.4
51. Zn below 3 mg/L 0.003
52. Cl below 250 mg/L 24
53. Total solids below 500 mg/L 104
54. Fe below 0.3 mg/L ND
55. Mn below 0.05 mg/L ND
56. Turbidity below 0.5 mg/L 0.09
57. SO4 below 200 mg/L 14


below 0.2 mg/L 0.03

The test results are phenomenal, so you can be assured that the UltraPremium is getting the job done in so many ways. Should you feel that you would like to remove even more from your water, we do have various pre-filter options available for you. One of the prominent benefits you will experience from using the UltraPremium Kangen filter is flow rate performance. A Granulated Activated Carbon filter is preferred when source water has heavy sediment. Other filters may get pre-maturely clogged. If your filter clogs pre-maturely when using the UltraPremium, you should install a pre-filter. The UltraPremium Kangen filter will allow the healthy minerals to pass through the filter and into the electrolysis chamber where it will be ionized for optimal uptake.

When Should You Change Your UltraPremium™ Kangen Filter?

We have met customers who have been using their filters for more than four years without changing it. You might even know someone like that. That is a BIG no no. NO FILTER LASTS THAT LONG FOLKS! Resist the urge to drink dirty water just because it is still flowing out of your machine. This might be is the only down side of the UltraPremium; it will continue to work even though it's filtration capacity has been reached just like the Enagic MW7000HG filter. Our carbon block filters are different in this respect. They will produce progressively less water as they approach their filtration capacity, until you are forced to change them because water will simply stop flowing out of your machine. Some customers don't like that because depending on the sediment content of your water and the water pressure, these other filters can stop filtering water prematurely and that can become costly. We recommend that you change your UltraPremium™ every six month just like the Enagic filter, but do not use it beyond one year to limit any possible bacterial growth. Because each person is different, we suggest that you try the UltraPremium™ as well as the other filters that we carry and then choose which one you prefer for future use.  

UltraPremium™ Compatible Kangen Filter

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UltraPremium Filter Cartridge  


Out of stock

Shipping is FREE in USA with orders over $100.00



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