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After some intense research of super fruit juices like Zrii and Monavie, it became very clear to us that Zamu was hands down the purest, most nutrient dense, and best tasting super fruit juice blend out there. For one thing Zamu is pure 100% organic juice. In other words it is not made from cheap none-organic juice concentrate and simply placed in a nice bottle. The blend of its incredible ingredients is another reason why we chose Zamu. Another important factor is that Zamu has no preservatives. No sodium benzoate, yes! Despite all the great things we have already said there is still an even more important reason for drinking Zamu. It make you feel great! It actually give you a buzz. A healthy buzz. Its like your brain lights up. You just know that it is doing something great for you. You can actually feel it. In this respect its like E3Live. Folks with every delicious sip of ZAMU™ you are flooding your body with life-enhancing nutrients that support a positive life experience. Zamu's organically certified blend is specifically formulated to promote a natural state of well-being.*

The secret behind ZAMU™ is the synergy of all Rainforest ingredients featuring camu camu – the exciting Amazon 'feel good' fruit. Sustainably harvested in the Rainforest, the camu camu berry and other ingredients in ZAMU™ are scientifically recognized for their beneficial properties.

CAMU CAMU thrives in lush rainforest soil enriched by floodwaters of the Amazon basin. Zamu's camu camu trees are grown in the floodplains of the Amazon, where they are covered with floodwaters four months out of the year. As the water recedes, the soil and nutrient matter (bio-mass) from the entire Rainforest is redeposited. This ensures the richest nutrient soil and allows the trees access to a natural density of minerals, amino acids and enzymes unique to this micro-environment. This is why camu camu is packed with a rich, balanced profile of life force and vital nutrients not available from any other source.

Camu camu contains the most concentrated source of naturally occurring vitamin C in the world. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant preventing the premature oxidation (aging) of cells. It has been proven to support a strong immune system and cardiovascular health. Further research shows that vitamin C is involved in maintaining proper levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a mood-balancing chemical in the brain that is associated with a sense of well-being and happiness.

Free radicals attack healthy cells resulting in premature aging. The antioxidant nature of camu camu fights these free radicals and protects cells, including fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells are necessary to build collagen and elastin, both of which are essential in keeping skin youthful and vibrant.

Additionally, other camu camu nutrients such as beta carotene, riboflavin and niacin, assist in optimizing healthy skin, hair and nails. As an added bonus, limonene, another compound in camu camu, has been shown to reduce appetite and aid in weight loss.

ZAMU's Other Hall of Fame Organic Ingredients

AÇAI The antioxidant activity of AÇAI has received well deserved attention for its contribution to overall good health.

CACAO Researchers have discovered that flavonol-rich CACAO increases blood flow to the brain. Cacao is recognized for its antioxidant and mood enhancing properties.

CINNAMON In clinical studies, CINNAMON has been shown to help maintain healthy glucose levels. Further research suggests that cinnamon may enhance cognitive brain function.

PINEAPPLE Research documents that bromelain extracted from the PINEAPPLE plant has shown anti-inflammatory activity and may help with common joint discomfort.

MANGOES Studies show that long-term beta carotene supplementation has a significant result on memory. MANGOES are a natural source of beta carotene.

SANGRE The high content of proanthocyanidins in SANGRE DE DRAGO promote natural anti-aging processes in the body.

Just listen to what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger had to say about Zamu>

The Amazon Herb Company, one of only a handful of network marketing companies I currently recommend, has launched an extraordinary new beverage called Zamu. Unlike most superfruit juices sold by network marketing companies (which are made mostly with cheap filler juices), Zamu is authentic and nutritionally superior. Consider this:

• Zamu is certified USDA organic (most other companies like Zrii use non-organic juices).

• You can actually taste the rainforest herbs in Zamu. Although the formula is still proprietary, the percentage of "active" superfruits and herbs is significantly higher in Zamu than in any other health beverage I've ever tried.

• The nutrients in Zamu are derived solely from real foods and herbs: Camu Camu, Acai, Cacao, Cinnamon and Sangre de Drago. Many of these are wildcrafted, too.

• The taste is just right: Not too sweet, but also not overwhelmingly "medicinal." The carrier juices used in the formula are Organic Pineapple and Organic Mango. Absolutely no pear juice or apple juice in this formula!

• Zamu is something you can feel right away: The Camu Camu seems to get absorbed immediately, lifting your mood and brain function. Many people have told me they experience instantly-improved eyesight after drinking camu camu.

Here's something else you'll like about Zamu: It contains no chemical preservatives. While a lot of health drinks sold today use sodium benzoate as a preservative, Zamu relies on the natural properties of its herbs (like Sangre de Drago) to preserve the nutrients and prevent spoilage. With Zamu, you're getting zero chemical additives and zero exposure to Bisphenol-A, since the bottle is made of glass.

I like Zamu a lot.

Same here Mike. In fact we love it. The first time I learned about it we bought 48 bottles and sold them to our friends for Passover. Zamu gives you a healthy buzz. Yes it makes you feel nice. It is the perfect way to replace alcohol for you guests for any occasion. We attribute Zamu's "healthy buz" effect to the incredible nutritional blast it gives to your cells. You just feel alive, very alert, focused and "happy". We were barely able to get a couple bottles for ourselves.

Zamu Testimonials

“Life is good for me already. However, after drinking ZAMU™, my happiness level rose through the roof! The greatest surprise was the taste. It was smooth and inviting. In fact, my 8-year old son, who is a very picky eater, said after his first taste ‘This is delicious, I want to drink this every day!’ I couldn't have been more thrilled.”
Marci Steiner, Rockville, MD

“The powerful Rainforest botanicals in the Amazon Herb products set them well apart from any other products that I’ve used in my practice. Now, the natural synergy of ZAMU™ and its high quality ingredients are taking the company to a new high.”
Dr. Eric Innes, DC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“This is a brilliant synergistic blend that maximizes the powerful health benefits of camu. I personally felt my energy renewed by ZAMU™, even after pushing hard for several weeks. I see it as a valuable health supplement.”
Dr. Ann Shippy, MD, Austin, TX

“My testing shows ZAMU™ to work better for my patients than all other juice-based products on the market. Plus, it tastes great. I'm adding this to my patient supplement programs.”
Dr. James Hawver, NMD, Bremen, GA

“I consider the ancient chemistry of Amazon Herb products essential for today’s challenges. My patients love them. People even comment how my own body appears noticeably younger.”
Dr. Keefa Lorraine Weatherspoon, ND, Detroit, MI

“Finally, a health drink with no filler juices and with only organic and wild-grown ingredients. It blisses me out! I love the fact that drinking ZAMU™ gives back to the Rainforest, too.”
Kate Rodger, Venice, CA

“When I drink ZAMU™, my mood shifts. It is definitely uplifted. I feel happier. ZAMU™ tastes delicious and refreshing. It reminds me of a bright tropical day”
Garren Fagaragan, Tucson, AZ

“Within minutes of drinking ZAMU™ I feel focus, peace and BLISS! I actually feel my vital energy level rise and am ready to take on my next task with gusto. ZAMU™ tastes so good that I’m always looking forward to my next juice blast. I call it my happy juice.”
Su Sigrist, Jupiter, FL

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How can you get your hands on a bottle of Zamu? Simple, just give us a call. We can also tell you how you can be an associate and get it for less. Becoming an associate allows you the opportunity to be rewarded financially for sharing this incredible product with your friends and family. Give us a call and we will walk you though this process.

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