Vitamin C
(as ascorbic acid)

Each tablet contains

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

Cellulose, calcium stearate

Vitamin C  

Vitamin C is the most phenomenal vitamin. There are two forms of Vitamin C: the complex natural form called bioflavonoids and simple synthetic form called ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is one of the only synthetic substances that does such an incredible job.  

Vitamin C Benefits

     Vitamin C was discovered in 1747 by James Lind M.D. who used it to treat scurvy. Since then Vitamin C is now recognized as a powerful anti-oxidant and plays a vital role in the formation of new cells. Vitamin C have been found to be beneficial in many health challenges and disease conditions including high Cholesterol, hardening of arteries, viral infections, heavy metal detoxification,  pollution, wound healing, stress, liver disease, fever, respiratory problems, insect bites, snake bites and more.

 Why you need Vitamin C

    Humans cannot make vitamin C. We must get all our Vitamin C from our food. However cooking food according to a study done in Ireland destroys about 80% of the Vitamin C in food. If that wasn't enough consider this pollution and stress use up vitamin C in a flash. For example according to Know Your Nutrition by Linda Clark a glass full of orange juice having about 100 mg. of Vitamin C can be consumed as follows "One cigarette uses up 25mg., and air pollution, as well as stress, more than removes the rest from the body." Linda further states that "Vitamin C is stored in your adrenal glands. Any kind of stress-a fight with your husband or wife, an emotional shock or worry about a child, overdue bills, or whatever-destroys all of the vitamin C in your adrenals in seconds! the miracles that vitamin C can accomplish are not accomplished with a drop-in-the-bucket dosage, but in massive amounts." 

Vitamin C Stories

    "Three boys were exposed to pesticide poisoning from a spray plan. One received little exposure and was released. He (Dr. Klenner) treated the second boy with massive doese of vitamin C and the boy recovered. The third boy went to another doctor who applied different treatment and the boy died."

   "One of the most startling cases of all was that of a four-year-old girl who received a snake bite on her leg. When she was brought to Dr. Klenner's office, she was crying from pain and vomiting. While Dr. Klenner waited twenty-five minutes for an antivenom skin test reaction, he gave her an injection of 4,000 mg. of vitamin C. Before the antivenom had been administered, the child had stopped crying and vomiting and was laughing and drinking a glass of orange juice. She said, "Come on, Daddy, let's go home. I'm alright now." "

These stories were taken from Linda Clark's book Know Your Nutrition.

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