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Beta Carotene is a special form of Vitamin A which is favored since the body usually converts only as much as necessary into active Vit. A thus helping prevent overdose. Note: Diabetics and others with specific medical conditions are advised to use pure Vit. A Palmitate since their bodies may not be able to convert Beta-Carotene into Vitamin. A.

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Diabetic Man Avoided Amputation by Drinking Microwater


Microwater is  still mostly unknown in the United States, but it is widely used in Japan where it is listed as a medical device and even used in hospitals there. In fact we are giving away a DVD (one per  customer) of a news broadcast on the Nihon Network News (NNN) in Japan which documented the marvels of alkaline Microwater called "Miracle Water" in the broadcast. In this broadcast a diabetic Japanese man switched hospitals and was able to avoid the scheduled amputation of his left foot and the big toe one his right foot by drinking alkaline water and soaking his foot in super acid water administered at the other hospital. The doctors pointed out that the only thing that they administered internally was five liters of "Miracle Water" a day and his daily intake of insuline. The DVD is free with the purchase of any item on our site. To learn more click here.


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