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I learned to respect Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula 1 after my wife started to use it. She followed the instructions to start with one of the vegan capsules and to increase it by one additional capsule each day. When she got up to five capsules a day, she would always say "Wow its working" after leaving the toilet. When she gets on the phone I would always hear her tell her friends "I am getting results". My wife is still prudish so she never lets me see what she is talking about, but I know to believe her. I could hear her flushing the toilet several times to make sure that everything goes down. Generally my wife is not a believer, but she is sold on Dr. Schulze Herbal Formula 1.  

DR. SCHULZE'S Herbal Intestinal Formulas Are WHAT The Creator Intended

Formula 1 and 2 uses American Organically Grown Herbs and American Wild Harvested Herbs. It just makes good common sense to use the healing plants that grow in our own back yard. Herbs are the creators solution for the healing of the nations.

Organically Grown Herbs are Stronger!
Organically grown and wild harvested botanicals are STRONGER. This has been known for years. As stated by Dr. Schulze, they are stronger because "better care is taken in feeding these plants the natural nutrients they require, Organically Grown food, herbs, and plants have 4 to 10 times more nutrition and healing plant chemicals (phytochemicals) in them." This means that they increase your chances 4 to 10 times of getting well or preventing disease. Dr. Schulze's association of Wild Harvesters are the best and most conscious in the industry. I like the principle used by these growers. According to Dr. Schulze "They never strip the land and if the plant is in short supply, like Ginseng for example, they replant it. Wild Harvested means going out into the field where the plant has chosen to live and pick the best of the best, the strongest, healthiest, most vital plants which in turn will give you the most strength, health and vitality too."


I learned something from Dr. Schulze that I never heard of before. He states that "Almost every herbal product sold in America uses imported commercial grade herbs. Why would anyone import herbs from the other side of the world that naturally grow right here in the United States? There is only one reason, foreign herbs are dirt cheap. These herbs are imported from India, China, Egypt, Mexico, wherever, where slaves get paid $15 a year to pick them. I pay American Organic farmers $40 to $50 a pound for the finest organic Habanero Cayenne peppers when I could buy them from China or India, like all of the other companies do, for 40 or 50 CENTS a pound. All I can say is you get what you pay for. These cheap, dirty, imported herbs are not only weak in strength, but what they are carrying on them can make you real sick. These countries have uncontrolled use of pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Many still use DDT. These herbs are very often contaminated with E. coli bacteria from human waste and unclean conditions. I ask you, if when you travel to these countries and you canít eat the food or drink the water without getting deathly ill, why would you use the herbs from these countries when youíre sick? It is a good way to make yourself even sicker." While we cannot confirm all of what Dr. Schulze stated we know for certain that when many pesticides are declared unsafe by US health authorities, many of the companies which produce these pesticides recoup their research investments by selling the pesticides to other countries. 

Another thing we did not know is that "when imported herbs finally reach American shores, they are almost always put into Ethylene Oxide Gas Chambers to kill bacteria. Ethylene Oxide treatment is standard with all the major herb importers and suppliers and its residues can stay on the plant for over a year. E.O., as the industry refers to it, is proven to cause Cancer, Leukemia, mutate unborn children and even cause abortions, kill liver and nerve cells."  If this is true, then it is a real cause for concern and more reason why we must be careful about the products we choose.

I believe Dr. Schulze when he says that the herbs used in Formula 1 & 2 are "organically grown on pristine, clean, certified organic American farms from the cool, rich, damp forests of the Pacific Northwest to the fertile Mississippi bottom land to the Florida Panhandle. They are shade dried and many are shipped to us overnight, fresh and in wet burlap. We also support transitional farmers who are in the organic certification process. These farmers and their families need to be supported for making the right choice. We spend the majority of every year finding the best farms, the most premium herbs, the cream of the crop. Our herbs are the richest, highest quality and most potent herbs available anywhere in the world, and they are never gassed with poisons." I like Bill Rich founder of Rich Distributing MSM products, Dr. Schulze strikes me as the kind of person you can trust.  I like to deal with grassroots people like this who have first hand experience and a desire for truth.


A Passion To Save Lives
Dr. Schulze reminds me of the grand father of herbs Jethro Klaus  who was not afraid to overdose his patients with herbs to save their lives. Dr. Schulze started making herbal formulae in his kitchen to save his life, not to make money. This same passion was employed into the herbs he prepares for Intestinal Formulas 1 & 2. Notice why Dr. Schulze has so much great zeal for making what is considered the best herbal formulas available: 

"The herbal research books and the so-called herbal experts say that in manufacturing herbal extracts, you usually only need to put 10% herbs into the bottom of the container and the rest is the extracting liquid. They say that 10% herbs are all thatís necessary and if you use more herbs, youíre wasting them. WHO CARES. Have they forgotten peopleís lives are at stake? Let me tell you, if it were their ass on the line they would be cramming herbs into the vat with a pile driver and then jumping up and down on top of it to get every last root and leaf in. Actually, when itís their ass on the line, they go to the doctor and take antibiotics, I know, they tell me. Well my family and I donít use drugs, we donít go to doctors EVER and my herbal products are our medicine too. We use every one of my formulae Ė me, my wife and my seven year old son. We depend on them. I learned long ago, never skimp on putting enough herbs into the extracts. I also learned whatever you do, fill the vats to the top, the very top, because someday your life may depend on it."

Here Is How Its Made

"We start by filling the vats up to the very top with my herbal formulae blends of roots, barks, leaves and flowers. Then we add our liquid menstrum to just cover the herbs. Once the herbs are saturated we wet grind the herbs into an applesauce-like consistency. After a day or two of sitting, the herbal mash settles to about half to two thirds to the top of the vat. Then we add more herbs, wet grind again and keep doing this until when the mash settles, there is only about an inch of liquid on the top. This is about 98% concentration. No one could squeeze more herbs into our vats!

Once we have a vat full of this herbal mash, we let it brew for about 14 days. The phases of the moon are as important for farmers planting and harvesting crops as they are for manufacturing herbal extracts. Consequently, we start the herbal brewing process on the new moon and strain and press it on the full moon, the same way herbal doctors have done it for centuries. Modern manufacturers say that my 14 day brewing cycles are old-fashioned, a waste of time and unnecessary. They have abandoned this tried and true method of making high potency herbal extracts for modern and quick 2 to 3 day special extraction processes.

After 14 days we press the mash out in our 24,000 pound pressure herbal press. Because of our concentration of herbs and the thick jelly-like consistency of the brewed mash, the pressing and filtering is a very slow and time-consuming process. The results are we get much less herbal tonic compared to other manufacturers, but what comes out of our presses is the finest, most saturated, richest and most potent herbal juice extracts in the world."

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