The Magnetizer
Engine Performance Maximizer (EPM)

Break-through Fuel Efficient Technology

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Magnetizer Engine Performance Maximizer (PDF)

Rigorous testing conducted by the U.S. Government and State Emissions Agencies confirms a break-through technology that dramatically reduces emissions, automotive pollution, saves gas and money. 

Magnetizer's Engine Performance Maximizer (EPM) will astonish you by the way it increases combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. Not only does the EPM reduce harmful emissions, but it increases engine performance.  Designed for all cars and light trucks.

We now carry three different types of engine fuel maximizers

Gas Engines

Diesel Engines

V8 Kit

4 & 6 Cylinder 4 & 6 Cylinder up to 1 ton trucks

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The strong magnetic charge the Engine Performance Maximizer puts into the fuel, air and coolant, gives your fuel a complete and clean burn so that you can take advantage of increased horsepower with reduced operating expenses.

The EPM will dissolve existing corrosion and scale build-up in the head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator and heater. No more costly repairs, plus your cooling system is operating at top efficiency.
In exchange for ten minutes of 
your mechanic's time, you are guaranteed 
a lifetime of protection and saving!

The EPM has no moving parts and is easily placed on the fuel line, water hose and air intake. It installs in minutes with no cutting or tools required. Simply strap it on! Beware of unscientifically designed inferior imitations. They have been shown to reduce mileage - not increase it. If you are not familiar with the internals of a car we recommend that you get a mechanic to install it for you. If you sell your car - take back your EPM and have it installed on your new vehicle.

To use the Magnetizer EPM is arguably a moral obligation: Over 100 million tons of carbon monoxide are produced annually in the USA by engine emissions. Carbon monoxide is responsible for over 10% of the respiratory problems of the nation 
- including the increase of asthma in young children. The EPM reduces these emissions by an average of 83%.

Engine Magnetizer Benefits 

  • 10 - 25% on average fuel savings - depending on age of engine

  • 5 - 15% increase in horse power - high octane performance with lower octane fuel

  • 50 - 95% reduction of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons

  • 83% average reduction of hydrocarbons 

  • Engine runs cleaner and therefore oil lasts longer

  • Improved performance - quicker starts and faster running

  • Maintains cooling system efficiency

  • Stops scale build up and corrosion in your engine

  • Reduces wear on oxygen sensor and Catalytic Converter

  • Healthier air and less smog for your community

  • Suitable for gasoline, diesel, cars and light trucks


Magnetizer's patented system has
been sanctioned internationally as
emission reduction equipment

Remember : If you are not familiar with the internals of a car we recommend that you get a mechanic to install it for you. If you sell your car - take back your EPM and have it installed on your new vehicle. Save on gas for the rest of your life!

Unedited Videos
Shot When A Customer Visited Magnetizer to ask questions that you might have asked and really put the Magnetizer Engine Maximizer to the test.

Watching these videos may answer questions you might have about the magnetizer


(provided by the manufacturer)

“My van has so much power now and I’m saving gas.” I.R.

 “I got 19mpg the first tank, 22mpg the second and 30 mpg the third.” N.C.

I also have the Fuel Magnetizer installed on my truck, which has allowed me to use regular unleaded gasoline.  Before the installation of this Magnetizer, I had to use high test gasoline due to a pinging in the engine.  With the Magnetizer, the pinging in the engine has stopped and I have saved money on gasoline.

My personal and professional opinion is that the Magnetizer is a good investment and I would recommend its use.

Thank you,

R.H., New York


Well, the wife and a good friend of ours, (retired engineer), both say that these things won’t work...

OK, my truck has more horsepower now than ever before...I am getting 50 extra miles per tank of gas...I have not changed my driving habits, if anything, with more horsepower my foot is a little bit heavier on the accelerator...

I am happy...I figure I am saving $2.50 to $3.00 per tank...that is 5 times a month minimum...


J.J., Arizona


We purchased Magnetizer units to treat our school bus.  We keep very itemized records of our fuel consumption and mileage.  This bus was getting an average of 7.81988 miles per gallon, or 2.7682 kilometers per litre.  After installation of the magnetizer, over the next four months, the gas mileage jumped to 8.82630 miles per gallon or 3.12454 kilometers per litre.  This represents a 13% savings on our fuel expenses for this vehicle.  We are continuing to monitor our fuel mileage very closely and if these results continue, we will be considering purchasing these units for the rest of our fleet.

 G.A., Ontario


I believe that new technology must solve environmental problems that past technology has created.  The Magnetizer is just such a new technology.  It will cut dramatically the pollution created by our automobiles.  On my 1995 Blazer it reduced the carbon monoxide from 3000 parts per million to 100 parts per million.  Nitrous oxide and hydro-carbons were reduced to an almost immeasurable degree.  At the same time, my mileage increased almost 15%.  If all cars were equipped with a Magnetizer, our children could breathe clean air again.

Wanted to tell you about the experience my daughter had when she took her car in for a smog test.  It didn’t pass!  And on top of that they told her that her car was a gross polluter.  She was very upset and worried about expensive repairs.  We decided to try the Magnetizers and put them on the fuel injection system, air and water.  We put an extra fuel energizer on the main fuel line going into the fuel pump as well as on each injector line.  Then she drove 2,000 miles (including a trip to LA).

When we went back to get the free follow up smog test at the same state regulated station where the first test was done, the car passed!  The hydrocarbon emissions went down from 547 to 186 and we didn’t do another thing to the car except replace a tube that was leaking.  When I asked the mechanic if that would effect the smog test, he said it would not effect it at all.  Anyway, my daughter was very excited and happy knowing that she saved the cost of additional repairs to her car.  There’s no question in her mind that the Magnetizer Fuel System works to reduce smog emissions.

 She also noticed that her car runs better and smoother than it did before.  She said she won’t let anyone take the magnets off her car, she’s keeping them!




I am writing you to tell you about the results of the Magnetizer unit which I installed on my Chrysler New Yorker.

Before installing the unit, I went to the inspection station in February.  The readings were>

CO: 0.0  Hydrocarbon: 40.35

At the time of installation, the mileage was 108,000.  Within 50 miles after installation, I felt an increase in power and performance.  Within 100 miles, I could see that the varnish was being cleaned out of the carburetor.

Following the instructions for use, I changed the oil at 700 miles.  At that time, the oil was very, very black and dirty.  At 1,000 miles, the oil smelled burned and still very dirty.  These results are appropriate because the unit cleans up carbon build-up.   

The next oil change was done at 3,000 miles: there was no indication of carbon build-up in the oil.  Needless to say, I was very pleased.

 Mileage has increased from: 17 mpg (before installation) to 24.6 mpg.  In just two months.  The unit carries a guarantee of at least 18% within 90 days.  However, this increase is 45%.

In mid-April, I went back to the inspection station.  The readings are:

CO: 0.0

The Magnetizer is a genuine product.  It indeed works, and I am very pleased.


P.B., Oregon


Magnetizer Engine Performance Maximizer
Designed for all gas engine cars and light trucks.



Shipping Information

Gas Engine Performance Maximizer System - 4 & 6 cylinder cars & trucks $159.95


Diesel Engine Performance Maximizer System - 4 & 6 cylinder cars & trucks $159.95

Engine Performance Maximizer System - V8 Kit up to 1 ton trucks $329.95


FREE SHIPPING in the USA for orders over $100.00

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