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Alkaline Microwater Ionizers

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LIFE Ionizers:


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7070 Turbo

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All Replacement Cartridge Filters
IEC-8000 Filter Cartridge
Biostone .1 & .01 Filters
Pure Porte II filter
Panasonic PJ-A3AH Filter

IEC-8000 Filter

Kangen Water Filters

ND-145/155 NDF-01A Filter

Tyent Cartridge Filters

KYK/EOS Genesis Filters

KYK Harmony Cartridge Filters

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridges
and more..

Pre-filters & Housings

Fluoride Prefilter
Calcite Mineral Filter
and more...

Diverters & Hoses
water ionizer faucet diverter
Microwater ND Faucet Diverter

Pure Porte II Faucet Diverter

Jupiter Faucet Diverter

Hoses and more ...

Health Books

Reverse Aging
Alkalize or Die
pH Miracle For Diabetes
Alkaline MicroWater Research

Testing Kits & Meters

Alkaline Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Test Kit
Fluoride/Chlorine Test Kit
pHion pH Test Stripss
and more...

Other Water Filters
pHresh Portable Alkalizer Ionizer
Portable Water Ionizers
Katadyn Water Purifiers

Countertop Water Filters
Undersink Water Filters
Faucet Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis
and more ...

Shower Filters

Rainshower CQ-1000
Crystal Quest Shower Filter
and more ...

Bath & Pool Filtration

Crystal Bath Ball Filter and Replacement Pouch
Floatron Solar Pool Ionizer
Turbo SPA Massager/Jacuzzi
and more...

Whole House Filters

Compact Sized Water Filters
Mid Sized Water Filters
Full Sized Water Filters
and more

All Magnetizers

Hard Water Magnetizer
Pool & Spa Magnetizer
Engine Magnetizer
and more ...

Flojet Water Pump

Air Filtration Products

Ultra Pure Air Purifiers

Air Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier

Multi-Pro 3800 Air Purifier
and more

Wein Personl Air filters

Wein Personal Air Purifier
Wein AutoMate Car Air Filter
and more

Nutritional Supplements

Alkaline Boosting

Alkalife Alkaline Drops
Alkalife Drops
pHion Alkaline Booster
and more

The Best Juicers

Omega, Champion, Hurom, Breville, and more

Weight Loss Products

CELLFOOD Weight Loss
and more ...

Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood DNA/RNA
Cellfood SAM-e
Cellfood Silica
and more ...

Colloidal vs Angstrom
Complete H2O Minerals
Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life
Balanced Life
Calcium, Magnesium Selenium, Silver, Zinc
and more...

Freeda Kosher & Vegetarian Vitamins
Freeda Kosher Vitamins
Vitamin A & D
Vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12
Vitamin C
and more..

Colon Cleanses Plus
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1
Dr. Schulze's Formula 1
pHion Colon Cleanze
and more ...

Herb Pharm
Herbal Extracts

Dr. Schulze's Echinacea PlusHerb Pharm Extract
Dr. Schulze Echinacea
Super Echinacea
Male Sexual Extracts
Female Herbal Extracts
and more ...

Powerful Superfoods
Dr. Schulze's Superfood

Dr. Schulze's Superfood
pHion Green - Superfood
E3 RenewMe Blend
and more ...



Adult Stem Cell Enhancer

E3Live Blue Green Algae Products
E3Live Frozen Blue Green Algae
E3Live Fresh Frozen
E3AFA Powder & Capsules
E3Live BrainOn
and more..

Rich Distributing
Pure MSM

Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Capsules
and more...

Digestive & Systemic Enzymes

Vitalzym Systemic Enzyme
E3 Enzyme Supreme
and more ...

Heavy Metal Removal Products
Bio-Chelat DentaCare Mouth Wash
Bio-Chelat Oral Chelation
DentaCare Mouth Wash
Heavy Metal Test Kits

Acupeds Detox Foot Pads

and more...

EMF Protection Products

Q-Link SRT-3 Jewelry
Blocks EMF•Anti Stress
Sharpens Mental Focus

Q-Link Pendants
Q-Link Pet Pendants

Q-Link Bracelets

and more...
Cell Phone Radiation Protection
RF3 Radiation Free Headset
Energy Saver &
Powerful EMF Blocker

Reduce Electric Bill & EMF Pollution
finds your
"Dirty Electricity"

EMF Power Strip

Pain Relief Products

Pain Relief Bio-Magnets

Knee pain relief
Back pain relief
Carpel Tunnel
and more..

Emergency Products

Emergency Supplies

Katadyn Water Filters

Masks and Respirators
Emergency First Aid Kits
and more...

Exercise & Conditioning

Exercise/Massage Equipment

Chi Machine
Leg Master

Whole Body Vibration

Far Infrared Products

Vita-Mat & Jade Mats
Far Infrared Suits/Wraps
Sauna Domes
Infrared Healing Lamp
EdenPure Infrared Heaters
And more ...

Beauty Products

Skin Care Products

Rich MSM Lotion

Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion

and more...

Hygiene Products

WaterPik Water Flossers

WaterPik Ultra WP-100

Cordless WaterPik 450
Sensonic Toothbrush
Toothbrush Sanitizers

Healthy Gift Ideas
Sleep Aids

Mindfold Sleep Mask
Acurest Snoring Relief
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The Most Powerful Superfoods

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Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus is our most popular superfood product. Customers are not pleased when we run out of stock, so we do our best to keep adequate quantities of Superfood Plus available. Superfood Plus represents an improvement over His Superfood which many of you have come to love so much. Folks you are going to love this. Powerup and energize yourself with Superfood Plus. You can once again get Superfood Plus and other Dr. Schultz products from us. Give us a call and we would be glad to take your order. For more information and product description click SuperFood Plus



Marine Phytoplankton is the bomb! Made by the hand of our Heavenly Father to provide the nutritional needs of His creation. Phytoplankton is fundamental and a powerhouse of nutrition.  Marine Phytoplankton is a tiny plant (about the size of a red blood cell) that naturally grows in the ocean and is the foundation of the food chain. Please do not miss that point. Essentially, it is a comprehensive whole food that can nutritionally sustain all living creatures on Earth. My friends there is no way to compare this product with any man made synthetic multivitamin. Marine Phytoplankton blows them all away.  Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 is a complete source of nutrition which includes proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace minerals, pigments, enzymes, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, including omega 3 fats, and more. For more information click on Marine Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000



E3Live (Frozen) Liquid
E3Live The World's First and Only Fresh-Frozen 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA).  It is hard to find something in a bottle that is better than this. E3Live is 100% Vegetarian, Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. E3Live is the ultimate green, live and natural food on planet earth. E3Live is a whole containing over 64 nutrients that are 97% absorbed. E3Live comes 8oz, 16oz bottles and you get to choose between original and flavored. For more information click on E3Live.


  E3AFA Capsules
E3AFA is the capsulated version of E3Live. It is also 100% Vegetarian, Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. E3AFA is convenient and delivers exceptional nutrition. You get to choose from several quantity options, so if you just want to try it for the first time you can get a bottle with 60 capsules or if you have a large family you can get a bottle with 500 capsules. For more information click on E3AFA

pHion Green


E3Live BrainOn (Frozen) Liquid
E3Live BrainOn™
is the same all organic/wild live frozen E3Live with a proprietary extract from AFA that contains a significant concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA also known as the "molecule of love" - is naturally produced in the brain, especially when we are in love or experiencing intense happiness and joy. PEA has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being. E3Live BrainOn comes in original and flavored and you can buy it in 8oz or 16oz bottles. For more information click on E3Live BrainOn


pHion Green


E3Live BrainOn® Supreme (Frozen) Liquid
E3Live BrainOn Supreme, has 4 times the amount of phenylethylamine (PEA) that is in regular E3Live BrainOn. This is a powerful brain food; the perfect companion for studying, taking mid-terms or finals. It is an excellent way to increase mental clarity and alertness. E3Live BrainOn® Supreme comes in only 8oz bottles. For more information click on E3Live BrainOn® Supreme


pHion Green


E3 BrainOn™ Capsules & Powder
E3 BrainOn™
is a proprietary extract from AFA that contains a significant concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA also known as the "molecule of love" - is naturally produced in the brain, especially when we are in love or experiencing intense happiness and joy. PEA has been shown to enhance concentration, attention and create a feeling of well being. When taken daily, E3 BrainOn™ may increase the quality of your life. For more information click on E3 BrainOn™ Capsules.



RenewMe Emerald Blend is a proprietary blend of nutritional plant-derived d MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), spirulina, E3AFA™, certified organic cayenne pepper, wild-crafted South American camu-camu, E3 AFAMend™, E3 Phenalmin™, tocotrienol & tocopherol (Vitamin E complex), and crystalloid electrolyte sea minerals. These exceptional foods have been shown to boost the immune system and help your body eliminate toxins. Available in capsules or powder. Mix powder with juice or water. For more information click on RenewMe Emerald Blend



StemEnhance™ represents the first of a new class of nutritional supplement being referred to as Stem Cell Enhancers. StemEnhance™ is the first patented all natural nutritional supplement that has been proven to increase the release of adult stem cells from your own bone marrow into the blood. Folks you no longer have to go to Mexico to get a shot of someone else's stem cells. StemEnhance™ promotes the release of your very own stem cells. This is an awesome product we use it daily. There are people who simply cannot stop thanking us for telling them about this incredible product. For more info click on StemEnhance™



Beyond Tangy Tangerine. The only problem with this product is that it taste too fantastic. Why is this a problem? Because instead of lasting you a month, you will finish it in less time, and if you have children you will have to keep it under lock and key. You can effectively eliminate all junk food type drinks and replace it with Tangy Tangerine. Add some Tangy Tangerine to your fresh squeezed orange juice and tell me if you don't just love it...... For more information and product description click Beyond Tangy Tangerine.



While not as popular as Dr. Schulz'e Superfood, pHion Green Superfood does have a small following. Because if this little but vocal group we bring this superfood formula of green organic grasses back to MicroWaterMan. and energize yourself with Superfood Plus. pHion™ Green Superfood contains dehydrated juices from the most alkalizing green grasses. Greens are a plentiful source of the enzymes that are needed for just about every chemical activity in your body. An easy way to get plenty of greens is by taking pHion™ Green in capsule form, or by making a healthy tasty green drink. For more information click on pHion Green Superfood.



VITAMIN 3D: Do not make the mistake that because you can get Vitamin D from the sun, that you don't need to supplement on this vital nutrient. According to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that 75% of Americans are deficient of Vitamin D. Now consider that  according to many studies published in major medical journals, Vitamin D deficiency is implicated as a major health risk in many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, the Flu, and osteoporosis, and arthritis not just rickets. Because of so many things affecting the absorption of Vitamin D, even people living in sun drenched areas do not get adequate amount of vitamin D. The importance of vitamin D cannot be overstated. For more information or to place your order click on Vitamin D.



VITAMIN C: In our opinion Vitamin C is the most potent and powerful immune system builder. Vitamin C not only fights the common cold, it fights bad guys like cancer as well. Vitamin is great detoxifier that helps to get rid of even heavy metals. Vitamin C is effective against insect bites, helps us manage stress, is required for rapid wound healing and is a powerful antioxidant. The list of benefits of this vital nutrient seem to be endless, and ironically our bodies cannot produce even a single vitamin C molecule on its own. We must consume all our vitamin C, which is why supplementing on Vitamin C is more than just a great idea. For more information click on Vitamin C.



Coenzyme Q10 is probably the most effective nutrient for oxygenating human tissues such as the heart and brain. In fact without CoQ10 your heart cells would not have energy to work. Remember your heart doesn't take a vacation so energy must be provided for your hear at all times. Studies suggest that Coenzyme Q10 have benefits in many different areas including stroke, sinusitis, respiratory illness, dental and periodontal disease, multiple sclerosis, and  heart problems. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant.   For more information click on Coenzyme Q10.


Fresh squeezed organic juice is the original and ultimate superfood. This is what Dr. Richard Schultz had to say about getting a juicer

I saw a patient on the first visit, I would explain to them that a prerequisite for them to be allowed to return for their second visit was that they had to buy a juicer AND BEGIN TO USE IT before they came in for their second visit. No juicer, and I would fire them; they would not be allowed to see me until they got their juicer. This act alone should impress upon you the importance of making and drinking fresh juice every day, especially if you are sick.....

If you don't have the money, sell something. Sell your television. sell your furniture and sit on the floor. Sell your car and walk. Sell your clothes. but don't live another day without a juicer."  

We have the very best juicers. Click Juicers


Great Prices - Free & Fast Shipping for USA orders over $100.00

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Try Freeda The World's Finest Kosher & Vegetarian Vitamins


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300% More Energy


Earth's Most Nutrient Rich Food!

When you can't afford an alkaline water ionizer, but you need to get alkaline...
Alkalife Alkaline Boosting Drops
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The New Standard In Juicers

The Hurom "Slow" Juicer

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The Best Non-chemical solution to hard water problems
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Reduce Scale buildup
Easy Installation
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Far Infrared Mats

Far Infrared Suits & Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Portable FIR Sauna

Infrared Healing Lamp

Healthy Cows Eat Nothing But Grass

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pHion Green
Concentrated Organic
Wheat grass Juice
Barley grass Juice
Oat Grass Juice
Alfalfa Juice
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pHion Alkaline Booster
pHion Alkaline Minerals
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