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Dr. Richard Schulze's

Superfood is the perfection of Nature versus the folly of Man.
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 Three health tips from a man who is now 110 years old
Tip #1 Keep your colon clean
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1)
Tip #2 Dr. Schulze Superfood
Tip #3 Avoid fast food restaurants
I would listen to this man than any doctor

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Dr. Schulze's SuperFood is regarded as one of the best superfood product of its kind in the world. The ingredients includes a combination of the most highly nutritious foods known to man. You could say that the ingredients includes foods from the nutritional hall of fame. SuperFood ingredients includes

Spirulina Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Algae, Alfalfa grass, Barley grass, Wheat grass, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Beet root, Spinach leaf, Rose hips, Orange and Lemon peels and non-active Saccharomyces cervisiae Nutritional Yeast.

Please also note that SuperFood is a Vegan/Vegetarian Product. No animal ingredients.

Please take the time and learn what Dr. Schultz says about each of the super nutritious ingredients of SuperFood.

Spirulina Blue-Green Algae is one of the most concentrated, nutritious foods on the planet. Dr. Schultz only uses organically grown Spirulina from Hawaii. The high amount of sunshine there makes this spirulina higher in Beta-Carotene and the numerous other carotenoids than any other. It is also a rich source of B-Vitamins, especially B-12, and the highest natural source of complete protein known (75%). Grown using water pumped from 2000 feet deep in the ocean, this Spirulina is also one of the richest sources of minerals anywhere. Please note: the vitamins and minerals are created naturally not in a lab.

Chlorella, another blue-green algae, is also an extremely concentrated source of nutrition and compliments Spirulina well. It is pointless to argue over whether Spirulina or Chlorella is best when both can be included in SuperFood. This is what Dr. Schultz did and he said " I put them both in my SuperFood formula. This is simply because my focus is not to win a nutritional argument, but to help you get healthy, period."

Alfalfa, Barley & Wheat Grasses are literally Nature’s most potent and complete Vitamin and Mineral herbs. I (MicroWaterMan) always think about how a cow fed on only grass can grow to be so big and healthy. In fact it has been stated that grass feed beef is the best beef to eat. The health benefits from these grasses cannot be overstated. I encourage you to read this informative online Whatgrass book and read about the many health benefits of grasses.  Dr. Schultz also points out that "these grasses are mildly cleansing and the greatest sources of nutrition of any grasses. Grain grasses are more potent than the grains themselves, offering us a rich array of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll."

Purple Dulse Seaweed Seaweeds are the richest source of assimilable minerals on the planet. They contain all the minerals and trace minerals that are found in the oceans and in the earth's crust. We chose Purple Scandinavian Dulse because it has the highest mineral concentration, but also tastes bland. Many seaweeds taste very fishy. Dulse does not.

Beet Root & Spinach Leaf are some of the richest, most assimilable sources of organic minerals, especially iron. Beets, being a root vegetable and growing underground, change inorganic hard rock mineral elements into plant minerals that are digestible by us. Spinach is a rich source of calcium, iron, and vitamin K. Both of these plants are famous for their blood building ability.

Rose Hips, Orange and Lemon Peels are revered as some of the best sources of vitamin C. These fruits are also a balanced C-complex source. The citrus peels contain bioflavinoids, rutin, hesperidin, calcium and all of the trace elements that are now known to be necessary to assimilate vitamin C.

Non-Active Saccharomyces Cervisiae Nutritional Yeast is grown on beets and pure molasses and literally vacuums all the B-vitamins out of whatever it is grown on. It is the second highest source of complete protein in nature (50%), and the richest source of B-vitamins ever found. It is also a rich source of iron and numerous other minerals. The yeast we choose is heated just high enough to absolutely destroy any yeast activity, but not high enough to lessen the B-Vitamin content. It is totally NON-ACTIVE and safe for any patient with candida albicans

The best multi vitamin-mineral dietary supplement cannot compare with the natural nutritional punch from Dr. Schultze's SuperFood. Why? Because it is definitely natural with no binders or any other unnatural ingredients.

SUPERFOOD Vitamins Sources
The Vitamin A in SuperFood comes from lush Organic Hawaiian Blue-Green Spirulina and Chlorella instead of commercial Vitamin A from toxic fish oil. SUPERFOOD’S Vitamin B-12 comes from primary yeast grown on molasses and beets. The standard disgusting commercial source of B-12 is from bacteria laden ground up dried beef livers. This vitamin meat is overloaded with steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. The other main source of commercial Vitamin B-12 is sewage sludge, YUCK!!! In today's environment of depressed immune diseases I can think of hundreds of reasons why both of these materials would be a health risk, not a benefit. Just because a so-called natural substance (fecal matter is natural) is high in a particular vitamin it DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT IS A GOOD FOOD!

The minerals in SuperFood come from Seaweeds, Organic Root Vegetables and Grain Grasses. Commercial minerals are made from, well, basically DIRT. The iron, calcium, zinc, etc. are just mined ore. Gigantic hard boulders and stones are pulverized and powdered to a fine dust. This doesn't make it any easier to digest and assimilate. Most calcium is actually made from ground up oyster shells. This reminds me of when I was a kid watching the “Three Stooges” fix dinner, they would throw the oysters away and crunch on the shells. We all laughed at them and now we are doing the same thing. Modern research shows us that minerals of this type are up to 99% unassimilable. The body cannot digest them and get them into the blood. The manufacturers’ response to this is to add pig digestive enzymes and other dissolving chemicals, which supposedly pre-digests it or chelates it, in their attempt to FORCE our body to accept this toxic material that it clearly doesn’t want and is protecting us against. Is this practice of chelating minerals really to our benefit or a dangerous act of nutritional ignorance, forcing alien toxic substances into our body and blood?

SuperFood contains the 2 richest sources of Vitamin A-Beta Carotene which is only one of the many Carotenoids found in SuperFood. SuperFood also contains the 3 richest sources of B-12 and other B Vitamins on the planet and many unrecognized B-Complex nutrients like Folic Acid, Choline, Biotin, Inositol, Para-aminobenzoic acid, Pantothenic acid and others. SuperFood is a rich source of Vitamin C-complex nutrients like hesperidin, rutin, and bioflavonoids and also mallic, citric and gallic acids. Vitamins D,E,F, (EFA's), K (Phytonadione), P, and others that are on the edge of discovery or won't be discovered for another 2,000 years. Superfood is almost 100% pure assimilable plant minerals by volume and contains all the major minerals from calcium to zinc and over 100 of Nature's Trace micro-minerals like Boron, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Germanium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Sulfur, Vanadium, and many more.

SuperFood is almost half protein by weight! It has 250% more protein than Meat, Poultry and Fish with a very high NPUF (net protein utilization factor) and PER (protein efficiency ratio). SuperFood is one of the richest sources known of amino acids including the 8 essential and many, many others.

No heat is used in the drying and powdering of ANY of SuperFood’s ingredients. We only tumble mix the formula for 2 1/2 minutes! This assures us that the enzymes are still alive. SuperFood is rich in free radical destroying enzymes like (SOD) Super Oxide Dismutase (over 10,000 i.u. per dose) and Co-enzyme Q-10. SuperFood, because it is made by NATURE, has hundreds of other nutritional compounds that science has not fully recognized or can't even see that are missing in other supplements. Substances that are essential to all life on the planet like natural R.N.A. and D.N.A., which SuperFood is a bountiful source of, Chlorophyll and Xanthophyll, the blood of plants that is nutritionally proven to help you create needed hormones and detoxify your body. Body protectors like Pectins, Cleansers like Malic, Citric, Gallic and other Organic Acids and Flavinoids, Gums, Oils, Resins, Tannin, etc.

Two rounded tablespoons of Superfood, added to your favorite juice or blender drink, gives you 2 to 5 times of most vitamins you need for the entire day. What's even better is that you can assimilate these foods so easily, the nutrients can enter your bloodstream going to work within 15 minutes. If you are not used to nutritional drinks, then for the first week use only 1 tablespoon of SuperFood, and then work your way up to 2 tablespoons.

Suggested SuperFood Drink A perfect way to start your day: In a blender mix 8 ounces of fresh apple juice, 8 ounces of pure water, 1 banana or 1/2 cup of fresh fruit, and 2 tablespoons of SuperFood Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. Follow this program for 30 days and feel and see the difference in your life.

Dr. Schulze's SuperFoodPlus


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Super Charge your SuperFood Plus with
The first natural supplement tested and proven to increase adult stem cells circulating in the blood
This is Powerful Stuff!

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