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Don't be fooled. You simply can't get a better electric heater than these right here.


EdenPure Infrared Technology
Video: Thermal Imaging Comparison
EdenPure Testimonials

  • EdenPure is perfect for homes, offices, and workshops.  

  • EdenPure is the original leader in energy saving, warm heat.  

  • EdenPure heats a large room in minutes from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

  • EdenPure will not reduce humidity or oxygen like cheap space heaters.

  • EdenPure will not emit any type of fumes as poisonous carbon monoxide. 

  • EdenPure will not emit harmful radiation. Infrared heat is healthy!

"We have used our EdenPure over the last three years and we are completely satisfied"

Our interest in the EdenPure was not to cut our heating bill, but you can read below on why you can expect to save on your heating bill by using the EdenPure. Our main focus focus at MicroWaterMan.com is health! We looked at several heaters and concluded that there was none safer and healthier than the EdenPure. Because we carry other far infrared products we were already aware of the many health benefits of radiant infrared heat and this colored our bias. Infrared heat is like the heat you get from hugging your wife or husband (one of the reasons married people life longer). It is also important to understand that the EdenPure is a supplemental heating device. This means that it is not designed to replace your primary (and often times more expensive) source of heat. However instead of getting all your heat from more costly sources, you can leave your thermostat on a low temperature and use the EdenPure to get to your comfort zone. We are using this heater in our coldest room and it has allowed us to keep the main heater turned off for most of the day during the winter months. It is one of the best moves you could make.   

The Revolutionary EdenPURE Technology...

The concept of EdenPURE technology was discovered when a copper sheet was stored near a furnace. It retained heat and continued to warm the room even though the furnace was turned off. Eventually, this principle led to the extremely safe and efficient EdenPURE heater.

In the EdenPURE heater, quartz infrared light creates heat that works with three unique and patented copper heat exchangers.

There is no carbon monoxide or harmful radiation created. And, most importantly, infrared heat will not reach a temperature that causes combustion.

How does the EdenPURE evenly heat a room?
Once an EdenPURE heat exchanger absorbs infrared heat, it exhales that warmth into the atmosphere, carried by the existing humidity in the room. This causes the heat to travel rapidly and evenly throughout the room. Our thermal imaging tests show the EdenPURE efficiently distributes heat throughout a room – much more efficiently than common coil heaters, which simply blow heat to the ceiling. In addition, EdenPURE heat is a “soft heat” that it is especially comfortable and relaxing.

Heats the floor to the same temperature as the ceiling.
1. Electricity drives a powerful quartz infrared lamp.
2. The quartz infrared lamp gently warms the patented cured copper tubes
without combustion.
3. Heat from the copper tubing rides the humidity in the room and provides moist, soft heat -- ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall -- without reducing oxygen or humidity. 

EdenPure Thermal Imaging Video

Thermal Imaging Photography reveals the dramatic difference between the EdenPURE in the left image and a typical coil heater to the right. Both heaters are located in the lower right of each image. Over 15 minutes, the coil heater only warmed the chair, wall and ceiling (bright yellow areas). Over the same time interval, the EdenPURE evenly heated the entire room, from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

How can EdenPURE heat be healthier?
Combustion heaters create dry, irritating indoor air that can deplete your body’s natural moisture and increase your susceptibility to illness. They also burn a great deal of oxygen – which can actually make you feel tired and fatigued. The EdenPURE heater causes none of this.

Why is EdenPURE so popular with children and pets?
Children and pets are actually drawn to an EdenPURE because it is a natural source of heat – very similar to how the sun heats the earth. And we all know that animals are much more instinctive than humans.

How can you cut your heating bill with EdenPURE?
First, the EdenPURE uses less energy to create heat than many other sources. Therefore, you can turn the heat down in your house as low as 50 degrees, yet the room you are in will be warm and comfortable. Why do you need your whole house to be warm when you are not occupying all the rooms. Don't pay for heat that you are not using. In our home our children's room is generally worm because it has no windows. When we turn up the heat to warm up our cooler bedroom they complain that its too hot. The EdenPure was the answer for us. When you move to another room, the EdenPURE goes with you. Its wheels make relocation a snap.

What is the EdenPURE guarantee?
It’s simple: A 60-day total satisfaction guarantee. If at any time during this 60-day period you are dissatisfied with your EdenPURE, you can return it at our expense and receive every penny of your money back. That’s right. We’ll even pay for the return shipping!

EdenPure Testimonials

Donna Michele: “The EdenPURE is very safe because I tend to use it as a side table, and I’m always laying my books on it… the children play around it. My pets play around it, lay by it, and nothing has ever become overheated. I consider the EdenPURE to be a very safe heater.”

Fred Nicol: “We realized money savings immediately once we had the EdenPURE heater. I can verify well over $50 a month for the last two months as an average.”

Dean and Connie Rowan: “Our daughter had an operation and I didn’t want her to get chilled. That was the main motivation to buy the EdenPURE. Now we’re saving $60 a month heating our home to a higher temperature than what it would have been with just our gas furnace.”

Dale Kidd: “I’m visually impaired. My guide dog, Pontiac, thoroughly enjoys sleeping in front of the EdenPURE. He’s a comfort hog. He loves that heat. But there’s no worry of him getting too close, sniffing or touching something that’s going to burn him. We keep it going pretty much 24/7. We’ve saved about $90 in 4 months of bills so I appreciate that greatly.”

Dennis Crystal: “We live in an area known for very cold winters, and were amazed to see how even the heat was for the entire living room area. We ordered a second and a third unit -- which now warm the entire home. And we are saving over $250 a month: The lowest expense for heating we have ever experienced! I would heartily recommend your products to anybody interested in really nice, even heat… and in saving on utility expenses.”

EdenPure Testimonials from Consumer Reports

Posted by: Foster White | Nov 8, 2008 12:08:27 PM

Last year I purchased an EdenPure xl-500 heater. It worked well for about 3 weeks and then died. It was replaced with an xl 1000 at no charge to me as the xl 500 was not available for replacement. I normally us above 1000 gallons of fuel oil per winter. I found I used about 25% less than normal for the months of March April and May. We have been wearing more clothing and have set furnace thermostat at 60. We moved heater from room to room based on where we were and found we were comfortable. I recently purchased a gen3 1000 and find it somewhat improved from the last years model. It appears to produce more heat. I expect this winter I will drop furnace thermostat to 55 or lower depending on outside temperature and our comfort level. Hopefully I will use 500 gallons of fuel oil this year vs 1000 gallons. The savings in fuel oil will be 1500 to 2000 dollars. The cost of the 2 units was about 800 dollars and my electric bill was not much different from normal last year, but at 20 cents per hour(2 units) perhaps may be about 30 to 40 dollars per month increase or a total of about 250 dollars for 6 months. Needless to say I should save at least 500 dollars the first year and if the units last 3 to 5 years each, the savings could be as much as 6000 to 9000 dollars over 5 years, or more depending on the cost of fuel oil.

Posted by: Jake Prince | Nov 18, 2008 9:59:18 PM

About a month ago, I posted that I had purchased two edenpure 1000 heaters. They are performing very well in my tri-level home. IN the thirty-odd years we have been in our home my wife has commented that for the first time she has not been cold.

At that time, I was unable to state what it cost me to operate the eden pure heaters. I have received my electric bill and in Virginia (Dominion Power) I would say that it is approximately $.75 (seventy five cent per day - per unit), in my case $ 1.50 per day.

If you compare this to no. 2 heating oil @ $ 2.959 per gallon (delivered on Oct 30th) and you use 21/2 gallons of oil per day or approximate cost to heat with oil is around $ 7.40 per day (that's not including the electric to fire the oil burner and the electric to run the fan.

As I said in my first post this is not an endorcement for the Eden Pure heater. But I am only sharing information that I have experienced.

Now take a look at the PowerGard and think about how much more these peoplw would have saved. 

Combine the EdenPure Heater with the PowerGard and save even more on your electric bill.

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