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Excel IE-900
Japanese Microwater Ionizer
The Super (Strong) Acid Water Ionizer
Why Pay $4,000 for Kangen Water? Europe

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The IE-900 is the Best Alternative To Enagic's Leveluk DX II and SD 501


IE-900 Alkaline Water Ionizer


kangen water replacement filter

Cleaning Filter

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Accessories for IE Series Japanese water Ionizers
(please note: a new IE-900 comes with the accessories you need for it to work)

water ionizer faucet diverter valve

kangen hose

strong acid water activator

ie-900 flexible metal hose

alkaline water reagent test kit


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Strong Acid Water Activator

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IE-900 water ionizer and prefilter

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IE-900 Microwater vs Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water

See how super acid water kills bacteria

How to Make Super Acidic and Super Alkaline Water

Excel IE-900 Microwater Technical Specifications

IE-900 Control Panel (pdf)

IE-900 Medical Device Authorization Info

IE-900 User Manual (PDF)

New - Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge

Watch the informative video clips of a news broadcast in Japan showing the versatility of Alkaline and Super Acid water's antiseptic and astringent properties. You will be shocked!

Johnson & Johnson recently bought an IE-900 from us to use in their cosmetic lab. Folks the word is getting around about the super acid and super alkaline water produced by the legendry IE-900 Microwater Ionizer.

The Excel IE-900 Microwater ionizer is an absolute beauty, but it also has brawn. It is one of the most respected water ionizers in Japan today. It is even rated higher than systems made by Hitachi and Panasonic, two big names in the water ionization business in Japan. It is also one of the most expensive water ionizers in Japan. Customers tell us that they love this unit and that they were glad that they bought it instead of the even more expensive Kangen water systems. Once you drink this water you will not settle for anything else.

Ironically, although this is the kind of water filter that you would expect to see in the home of the rich and famous, they as well as most of middle and upper class America is not aware of the virtues of alkaline and acidic water. It is sad to say that the homes you will find Microwater Ionizers in today are either the home of the super sick or the home of the super healthy. We are trying to change that, and that is the reason you can buy the IE-900 from MicroWaterMan.com for less than you can buy it for in Japan. We know that our mission is as noble as any other cause: your health. Many of our customers confide in us about their health situation. Many tell us that they were recently diagnosed with cancer or some other kind of disease. Friends, you don't have to wait until you get the bad news from your doctor before you start drinking the the best tasting and healthiest water money can buy. If you are just learning about the incredible health benefits of drinking alkaline water we encourage you to read the extensive research we have compiled on this subject on our alkaline water research page. It is also important that we make clear that we are not suggesting that our water ionizers can cure any disease. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. 

The IE-900 vs Leveluk SD501

  • The IE-900 performs a self cleaning cycle of the electrolysis plates after every use. The Leveluk SD501 does not.

  • The IE-900 has an LCD screen that displays an estimate of the pH and ORP of the water being produced. The Leveluk SD501 does not.

  • The IE-900 makes super acid water using common table salt. You must buy an expensive saline chemical solution to make super acid water with the Leveluk SD501.

  • Because making super acid water with the IE-900 is a multi step process it is safer for children. Making super acid water with the Leveluk SD501 is a simple push button process making it easy for children to make and drink this water which is not for drinking.

  • Like the Leveluk SD501 the IE-900 utilizes the electrolysis cleaning cartridge to effectively clean and maintain functional electrolysis plates.

  • The Leveluk SD501 uses similar type of cartridge filters. They are interchangeable. People buy our more affordable cartridge filters and use them in their Leveluk machines.

  • The IE-900 has 5 large electrolysis plates while the Leveluk SD501 has 7 electrolysis plates. Please note that the IE-900 has 8 slots for plates and can easily be made to have 6, 7 or 8 plates, but the engineers at the Impart Group feels that 5 plates are the optimal number of plates to produce the very best quality of water and proper maintenance of the machine. Some makers of 7 plate water ionizers have discovered this interesting fact and have built a switch to cause their seven plate machine to function like a five plate machine. The spacing between the plates is an important factor that affects how fast the electrolysis chamber is clogged with calcium buildup. Because of the 5 plate design with proper spacing between the plates, you will get more use out of you IE-900 and less time having to ship it to the service center to get it professionally cleaned as some owners of the Leveluk SD501 have discovered.

  • The IE-900 cost $2,295.00. The Leveluk SD501 cost $3,980.00.

The Excel IE-900 Is The Right Choice

With the IE-900 you will be able to make the same healthy negatively charged alkaline water with great ORP and pH. We get many thanks from people who saved themselves $2,000.00 by buying the IE-900 instead of the Leveluk SD501. The IE-900 has helped people alkalize their bodies. The IE-900 comes with a 5 year electrolysis cell warranty, but you can expect several years of use from this exceptionally built Microwater machine

Medical Device Approval Authorization

The Excel IE-900 is recognized by the Japanese government as a medical device.  The Japanese Ministry of Health recognizes the IE-900 as a medical equipment and has assigned it the medical equipment No. 21500BZZ00213000.

The Excel IE-900 Microwater Machine Has It All
The Excel IE-900 is one of the most powerful water ionizer we have and it also produces super acid water as low as 2.5 pH acidity. If you require a water ionizer for antiseptic and/or astringent purposes (skin tightening), the IE-900 is the one for you, and we feel confident that MicroWaterMan.com is the best place to buy it from. The Excel IE-900 is comparable to other high priced super acid water ionizers, but at an almost $2,000.00 discount. The Excel IE-900 is made in Japan by the Impart Group. Some of management and engineers at the Impart Group also ran Toyo. Toyo is now divided into Sanastec and Enagic.  These Japanese engineers have developed a highly coveted water ionization technology. Even the Koreans admit that the Pure Porte II and the Protec previously designed by Toyo were top of the line water ionizers.  The Excel IE-900 is based on the technology used in the Kangen water ionizers made by Enagic. For marketing and trademark purposes Enagic calls its water "Kangen Water" and we feel confident that it is great because it is based on the same brain trust as the Excel IE-900. However with our price of $2,295.00, the Excel IE-900 represents a huge savings over the Leveluk models, without sacrificing quality. The IE-900 uses the same cartridge filter technology and the same electrolysis cleaning cartridge which is very effective at keeping your IE-900 running like new year in year out. We don't think that you can select a better water ionizer.

New Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge
We now have access to the cleaning cartridge also used with the Enagic Leveluk units. This is a single use cleaning cartridge used to clean the surface of your electrolysis plates. Because the IE-900 has a more efficient plate cleaning routine than the Leveluk SD501 you will not need to use this cartridge on your IE-900 as much as Leveluk owners. The IE-900 cleans after every use, reducing the need for frequent cleaning by the cleaning cartridge. Engic recommends using the cartridge every six months. Unless you have very hard water, using the cleaning cartridge once a year would be more than enough to keep you machine running like new year after year. This is another reason to get the IE-900. See pricing details below.  For more information click CL-7000

Impart Group: Quality Fanatics.
We must tell you a bitter sweet story about the Impart Group (nicknamed Thohan Kiden). Early in 2006 we hand received several orders for the IE-900 and the IE-300 Microwater ionizers at a time when we were completely out of stock, and a new order was placed. We pressed for a delivery date for a week or so, and just as the order was ready to be shipped a holiday called Golden Week started in Japan. The factory was closed and all shipping activity came to a halt. This placed us in a very stressful position with the customers who had already placed orders. Of course we updated our customers as best as we could. At this time they had also indicated that they may be doing an update to the IE-900. After Golden Week had ended they told us that they will be making an upgrade and the shipment would be delayed even further. Please note that the upgrade was not a show stopper, these guys are simply quality fanatics. They simply felt that if they are aware of something that can be improved they are going to do it, and they did not seem to be phased about our customers who had already placed their orders and who was waiting. Their focus was on quality. It seemed that they were simply immune to pressures of delivery deadlines.  This was a bitter sweet experience for us because we ended up having one of those waiting customers canceling their order. Although we regret loosing this customer we are even more convinced of the quality built into the IE models. These guys are quality fanatics. We have since acquired a substantial stock of both IE-900s in the hopes that we will never have to go through such an ordeal as this again.

Get Great Alkaline Water For Less
The IE-900 Microwater Ionizer cost about $2,000.00 less that the comparable Leveluk models. It comes with an advanced four stage filter cartridge that can cleans up to 3000 gallons of water a year. It also has complete Tri-color digital display including Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and pH readings. ORP is considered by many alkaline water experts to be one of the most significant aspects of drinking negatively charged ionized alkaline water. The ORP is what lets ionized water function as an antioxidant by donating an electron to molecules robbed by free radical activity. Much of the price of the Leveluk models has more to do with compensating the Enagic MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) representatives than the actual cost of their ionizers. To verify that simply ask Enagic about their compensation plan and see how much money is paid to the network organization when one machine is sold. This is not to say that we at MicroWaterMan.com have any problem whatsoever with MLMs. We think that Enagic is doing a fantastic job of introducing the concept of alkaline and acid water to people who would otherwise not know about it. Furthermore we believe even if you were to buy a water ionizer for $3,900.00 it would be a worthwhile investment because you cannot take the money to the grave with you. Lets not forget you are 70%. Why not replenish 70% of yourself with the very best ingredients.

The IE-900 Difference

As with all the other water ionizers that we sell the Excel IE-900 produces both alkaline and acidic water. The difference between the Excel IE-900 and the other water ionizers that we sell is that it is the only unit that produces super acid water below pH 3.0. This is accomplished by adding salt as explained in the manual. Hence we will focus most of the following discussion on informing you about the benefits of using acid water. You can click on this link to learn more about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

The American media is now reporting on the miracle of electrolyzed water in particular the anti-bacterial and cleaning properties of super acid water and super alkaline water. Super acid is the degreaser and can removes petroleum based pesticides from fruits and vegetables and super acid sanitizes or kills pathogens. Notice excerpts from the following Los Angeles Times News article

Los Angeles Times
Simple elixir called a 'miracle liquid'
By Marla Dickerson
February 23, 2009

It's a kitchen degreaser. It's a window cleaner. It kills athlete's foot. Oh, and you can drink it.

Sounds like the old "Saturday Night Live" gag for Shimmer, the faux floor polish plugged by Gilda Radner. But the elixir is real. It has been approved by U.S. regulators. And it's starting to replace the toxic chemicals Americans use at home and on the job.

The stuff is a simple mixture of table salt and tap water whose ions have been scrambled with an electric current. Researchers have dubbed it electrolyzed water -- hardly as catchy as Mr. Clean. But at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica, some hotel workers are calling it el liquido milagroso -- the miracle liquid.

That's as good a name as any for a substance that scientists say is powerful enough to kill anthrax spores without harming people or the environment.

Used as a sanitizer for decades in Russia and Japan, it's slowly winning acceptance in the United States. A New York poultry processor uses it to kill salmonella on chicken carcasses. Minnesota grocery clerks spray sticky conveyors in the checkout lanes. Michigan jailers mop with electrolyzed water to keep potentially lethal cleaners out of the hands of inmates.

In Santa Monica, the once-skeptical Sheraton housekeeping staff has ditched skin-chapping bleach and pungent ammonia for spray bottles filled with electrolyzed water to clean toilets and sinks.

"I didn't believe in it at first because it didn't have foam or any scent," said housekeeper Flor Corona. "But I can tell you it works. My rooms are clean."


Russians are putting electrolyzed water down oil wells to kill pesky microbes. Europeans use it to treat burn victims. Electrolyzing equipment is helping to sanitize drinking water in parts of Latin American and Africa.

Click here to read the full article. 

Click the play button too
"See how super acid water kills bacteria"

Click on here to see other video clips of this informative Japanese news broadcast provided only for educational purposes. Please consult with your health professional for medical advice.

The Acidic Skin of Humans

The following excerpt was taken from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang

Acidic skin prevents bacteria invasion


Our body is designed to perspire through our skin so that the evaporation of the liquid can cool off our body on a worm day. However, perspiration is not just for the maintenance of body temperature. It protects our body against the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Perspiration is one of the means to dispose of acidic waste products. As such it keeps our skin constantly acid, killing viruses and bacteria.


When we have an operation and the skin is cut open, we are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. That's why we get infections after an operation or skin cut, not because the hospital is filthier than our home. Bacteria and viruses are continually all around us. It's our built-in immune system that's keeping us healthy and alive.  

                                                                Page 40


Human skin and acid water


As mentioned before, human skin is acidic, but alkaline soap takes away acid from the skin. To replenish lost acids, I rinse my whole body with half a gallon of acid water after my shower. If taking a bath leaves you with dry skin, add a couple of gallons of acid water to the tub. Rinsing your hair with acid water will give you the effect of a hair conditioner.


If you use acid water for washing your face, the water will keep your skin fresh and clean and will protect your face from acne and discoloration. So-called pH balanced cosmetics are made to be acidic to match with your skin pH. You hear those commercials that talk about "the more you do the dishes, the smoother your hands get". Well, they are not kidding. Those detergents are acidic.


Warm acid water applied for about 20 minutes is good for athletes foot and hemorrhoids. Acid water can decrease insect bite pains and neutralize the poison, and it can be soothing for burns. If you add mint flavor into the acid water, it becomes mouth-wash, and if you add a drop of perfume into the acid water, it becomes toilet cologne. Acid water stops bleeding, and that is the reason why mouth-wash is acidic and so is aftershave  lotion.                                                

                     Page 78

How To Make Super Acid and Super Alkaline Water

  1. Remove the white-colored cap on top of the machine; pull out the white cap and blue tube from the cylinder; separate the white cap and blue tube apart on the side.

  2. Pull out the white-colored tube that comes with the system; and desired amount of salt into white tube. The salt should be non-iodized table salt. The tube 3/4 full can make up to 3.5 gallons of super acid water.

  3. Attach white cap and white tube together; then put the attached white cap & tube into the cylinder and tie up the spigot. The "SUPER ACID FLUSHING" (red light) will turn on and the LCD display screen will be displayed in light orange color.

  4. Please note that when using the super-acidic water application, please pay attention to the water flow rate. When the display screen blinks in red-color with the water dripping icon is on and beeping, adjust the water flow down until the display screen stops blinking (back to orange color) and beeping.

  5. After using the super-acidic water application, please remove the white tube from the cylinder and install the blue tube back to the cylinder.

  6. Note that after every use of the super-acidic water application, the water selection will automatically reset to "PURIFIED WATER" mode. Hence, it is recommended to reset your desire alkaline water mode manually after each use of super-acidic water application.

Please note that it is not necessary to use strong acid water on your skin to get the astringent results, but it is more effective. Most people purchase a water ionizer for the purpose of drinking alkaline water. We simply want to bring to your attention some of the incredible benefits  of super acid water. Super acid water is great on cuts, bed sores, athletes foot, and sores that just won't heal. Super Acid water can even kill the infamous MRSA bacteria prevalent in many hospitals. Customers who buy the Excel IE-900 water ionizer swear by it. 

One customer for instance was amazed at how the acid water caused her pimples to "just fall off" in only one week of washing her face with it. Other customers use the Excel IE-900 in their beautician practice. For these reasons we find that women are most often interested in the Excel IE-900. 

On a more serious note (for both men and women) we believe that the IE-900 Microwater machine will prove to be a valuable resource in the event of an out break of skin diseases such as small pox or chicken pox. We are not aware of any study that suggest or proves such a theory, it is only a hunch. When you see our DVD you will see why we say this.



More technical information of super acid water ....


Super Oxide Water

Super oxide water is the most effective and benign antimicrobial agent known to Mankind for killing virus and bacteria in homes, clinics, farm and industrial settings. Acidic water is also great human skin


Oxidation Basics
Oxidation and Anti-Oxidation depend on the difference in energy of transferable electrons. Electron loss refers to Oxidation. Super-Oxide water works on external surfaces in much the same way that Free Radicals naturally work to kill virus and bacteria in the body.

Elegant Solutions to Messy Problems

Superoxide water is proven effective. It has been lab and production proven in US and Japanese universities and under the strict protocol demands of a Fortune 500 company in the US. Superoxide water replaces many toxic disinfectants is common use. These include peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, benzalkonium chloride, o-phenylphenol, quaternary ammonium, isopropyl alcohol, glutaraldehyde , sodium hypochlorite and others. Contact us for more information.

Hallmarks, Advantages & Disadvantages of Superoxide Water
There are 3 Hallmarks to the triple synergy of Superoxide Water: (1) low pH 2.9 or less . (2) an ORP of >+1000 mV. (3) Presence of Chlorine sub-species or hydrochlorous solution which is less toxic than chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. Superoxide Water is extremely fast acting and does not leave a toxic or difficult to clean residue. Disadvantage: Superoxide Water completes the job but does not leave a residual chemical shield where required.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microcluster Testing
measures more absorbent Super-Hydrating Microwater at 6 molecules per cluster.


Superoxide water is uniquely safe for operators and all personnel. There are virtually no associated occupational hazards. It is safe for the environment. Hence, old standard protection measures are no longer necessary. These includes transport, containment, storage and hazardous run-off disposal problems plus associated record-keeping required with conventional chemical supplies. In Japan for example industrial grade water ionizers are used to produce super acid water to treat golf courses. In these cases the application of super-acid water destroy lawn eating bugs and enabling the gradual elimination of environmentally harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 


Veterinary, medical, janitorial, food. cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation and processing, livestock, janitorial industries. Superoxide Water is suitable for institutional use including hospitals, clinics, farms, meat processing plants, retail establishments, restaurants, fast food outlets, hand sanitization, homeland security, field hospitals and literally thousands of other applications. If you are interested in learning more about industrial alkaline/acid water machines please contact us. The IE-900 is an invaluable appliance to have in the home and we recommend it highly.

Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

We are now please to announce that as of July of 2009 the IE-900 now offers a five (5) year warranty on the Electrolysis Chamber and a full one year warranty on the all other components.  The warranty card states:

This manufacturer's warranty guarantees the water ionizer ("Product") against defects in material or workmanship for the period of five (5) years on electrolysis chamber and one (1) year on all other standard parts. If during the warranty period the Product is determined to be defective, manufacturer or its authorized service center will, at its option, repair or replace the Product at no charge.

Many of our customers would pause before buying the IE-900 because all the other ionizers offered some kind of five year warranty while the IE-900 only had a one year warranty. It was easy for them to see that the IE-900 is just like its sister the Leveluk SD501 and packaged with the same health giving technology, but they wanted the comfort of a five year warranty. Now you have it. The IE-900 is the best priced super acid producing, quality water ionizer on the market today, and it now has a five year warranty.

Manual Cleaning Prompt
An interesting final note: The IE-900 has a better plate cleaning system than the Leveluk SD501 which does not self clean after every use. The IE-900 cleans itself after every use. It also prompts you to do a manual clean which no other water ionizers does. This is important for keeping the internal tubes and hoses clean. Sometime it is these hoses that get clogged not only the electrolysis chamber. This feature is as a result of years of experience.

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge
The Leveluk SD501 has a tendency of clogging up fast due to its seven plates. This is why we feel that 5 plates is the optimum.  Nevertheless, because of this Enagic have implemented a cleaning cartridge which cleans the plates. We also sell this cartridge and it can be used in the IE-900. However it is not expected that you will need to use the cleaning cartridge with the IE-900 nearly as much as you will with the Leveluk SD501. Enagic recommend's that the cleaning cartridge be used at least once every six months.

We often get to talk to  customers who call in to reorder replacement filters for their old Toyo water ionizers. We often suggest that they get our alkaline water testing kit to test  to see if it is still making alkaline water, and only a few very few have who has told us that their unit has stopped making alkaline water. Some of these customers have their unit for over 10 years. One customer in Canada had hers for 12 years. The only problem with this is that we don't get to sell a new machine to these customers. Bommer! What's even more of a bummer is that water ionizers are not like cars. You will rarely see a used water ionizer for sale. People just don't part with them. You can expect to have your IE-900 for a very long time. 

Excel IE-900 Microwater

Model No.: IE-900

Medical Device #: 21500BZZ00213000.

Available Power Source: 100/120/220/240VAC:50-60Hz

Power Consumption: Approx. Max. 200W (Standby under 1W)

Dimensions in mm: Width 270mm; Height 300mm; Depth 140mm

Dimensions in inches: Width 10 1/2"; Height 11 1/2"; Depth 5 1/2"

Weight: Approx 3.2kgs.

Displays ORP on LCD screen

Built in pH Meter: Displays pH of water being made on LCD screen

Color LCD Display: Changes color depending on water being made

Faucet Features: 3-mode (tap water, shower, purified water) selectable tap

Electrolysis Plates: 5 Large Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

Electrolysis Surface Area: 748.80cm

Electrolysis System: Continuous with built in sensor

Normal Throughput: Alkaline, Acidic & Purified water: up to 5 L/min

Strong Acid Water Throughput: 1.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

Strong Alkaline Water Throughput: 2.0L/min (pressure 0.1Mpa)

Types of Water Produced: 11 = 4 Alkaline, 4 Acid, non-ionized purified water, Super Acid (below 3pH) , and Super Alkaline (above 11 pH).

Electrolysis Cleaning: 30 seconds after use ends

Filter Material: Granulated anti-septic activated charcoal +  calcium sulfate.

Filter Capacity: 1500 gallons/ or one year which ever comes first
Calcium addition: Forced dissolved adding type
Salt addition: Used for making strong acid/alkaline water)
New 60 Day money back return policy
IE-900 5 Year Warranty: Five (5) year on Electrolysis Chamber. 

IE-900/ Excel 900 Microwater Water System

IE-900 Alkaline Water Ionizer

(This model has been discontinued and replaced with the MX99 Alkaline Water Ionizer ) 


IE-900 Microwater Ionizer  120V - $2,499.00 ea


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Replacement Filters and Accessories

IE-900 replacement filter
Shipping Information

HIGH Performance (AF-9000HP) Cartridge Filter - details


PREMIUM Lead/Mercury Cartridge Filter - May Requires a Pre-Filter details  


ULTRA Performance Cartridge Filter - May Require a Pre-Filter -  details   


Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00

Electrolysis Plate Cleaning Cartridge

   citric acid cleaning cartridge
Shipping Information

Electrolysis Plate Cleaning Cartridge  
Use once a year. The new cleaning cartridge can now be used on all IE-900 units



Calcium Flakes 15g

Shipping Information

Calcium Flakes 15g - one comes with a new IE-900 - customers say this makes the water taste even better.


Plastic Shower-Type Faucet Diverter

  metal faucet diverter  IE-900 plastic faucet diverter valve  metal pull pin  faucet diverter
Shipping Information

Plastic Shower-Type Faucet Diverter - details


Pull-out Metal Faucet Diverter for Toyo/Leveluk/IE Ionizers  


Lever Type Metal Faucet Diverter for Toyo/Leveluk/IE Ionizers  


Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00


New Undersink Kangen Faucet



Are you looking for a way to hook up your Alkaline water ionizer that does not involve messy hoses connected to your kitchen faucet? What about one that connects directly to the cold water line under your sink. This way there is zero risk of any hot water ever running through your ionizer. Well we have it. The new Kangen Undersink Faucet Diverter. This faucet diverter only works on Japanese countertop water ionizers such as Pure Porte II, Protec, IE series water ionizers, Leveluk Kangen water ionizers and the Panasonic Microstructured water ionizer. For more information please click on Kangen Undersink Faucet Diverter


New Undersink Kangen Faucet


Plastic Inlet and Outlet Hoses

gray hose   white hose
Sometimes hoses get lost or dirty. You might also want your machine to look new again before selling it.
Shipping Information

White Inlet hose 


Gray Outlet hose


Out Of Stock

Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00

IE-900 Acid Water Activator

Shipping Information

IE-900 Strong Acid Water Activator


Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00

Flexible Metal Hose

IE-900 flexible metal hose
Shipping Information

Flexible White Metal Dispensing hose


Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00


  See the complete list of all our replacement filter cartridges

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Engine Magnetizer
and more ...

Flojet Water Pump

Air Filtration Products

Ultra Pure Air Purifiers

Air Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier

Multi-Pro 3800 Air Purifier
and more

Wein Personl Air filters

Wein Personal Air Purifier
Wein AutoMate Car Air Filter
and more

Nutritional Supplements

Alkaline Boosting

Alkalife Alkaline Drops
Alkalife Drops
pHion Alkaline Booster
and more

The Best Juicers

Omega, Champion, Hurom, Breville, and more

Weight Loss Products

CELLFOOD Weight Loss
and more ...

Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
Cellfood DNA/RNA
Cellfood SAM-e
Cellfood Silica
and more ...

Colloidal vs Angstrom
Complete H2O Minerals
Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life
Balanced Life
Calcium, Magnesium Selenium, Silver, Zinc
and more...

Freeda Kosher & Vegetarian Vitamins
Freeda Kosher Vitamins
Vitamin A & D
Vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12
Vitamin C
and more..

Colon Cleanses Plus
Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1
Dr. Schulze's Formula 1
pHion Colon Cleanze
and more ...

Herb Pharm
Herbal Extracts

Dr. Schulze's Echinacea PlusHerb Pharm Extract
Dr. Schulze Echinacea
Super Echinacea
Male Sexual Extracts
Female Herbal Extracts
and more ...

Powerful Superfoods
Dr. Schulze's Superfood

Dr. Schulze's Superfood
pHion Green - Superfood
E3 RenewMe Blend
and more ...



Adult Stem Cell Enhancer

E3Live Blue Green Algae Products
E3Live Frozen Blue Green Algae
E3Live Fresh Frozen
E3AFA Powder & Capsules
E3Live BrainOn
and more..

Rich Distributing
Pure MSM

Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Powder
Rich MSM Capsules
and more...

Digestive & Systemic Enzymes

Vitalzym Systemic Enzyme
E3 Enzyme Supreme
and more ...

Heavy Metal Removal Products
Bio-Chelat DentaCare Mouth Wash
Bio-Chelat Oral Chelation
DentaCare Mouth Wash
Heavy Metal Test Kits

Acupeds Detox Foot Pads

and more...

EMF Protection Products

Q-Link SRT-3 Jewelry
Blocks EMF•Anti Stress
Sharpens Mental Focus

Q-Link Pendants
Q-Link Pet Pendants

Q-Link Bracelets

and more...
Cell Phone Radiation Protection
RF3 Radiation Free Headset
Energy Saver &
Powerful EMF Blocker

Reduce Electric Bill & EMF Pollution
finds your
"Dirty Electricity"

EMF Power Strip

Pain Relief Products

Pain Relief Bio-Magnets

Knee pain relief
Back pain relief
Carpel Tunnel
and more..

Emergency Products

Emergency Supplies

Katadyn Water Filters

Masks and Respirators
Emergency First Aid Kits
and more...

Exercise & Conditioning

Exercise/Massage Equipment

Chi Machine
Leg Master

Whole Body Vibration

Far Infrared Products

Vita-Mat & Jade Mats
Far Infrared Suits/Wraps
Sauna Domes
Infrared Healing Lamp
EdenPure Infrared Heaters
And more ...

Beauty Products

Skin Care Products

Rich MSM Lotion

Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion

and more...

Hygiene Products

WaterPik Water Flossers

WaterPik Ultra WP-100

Cordless WaterPik 450
Sensonic Toothbrush
Toothbrush Sanitizers

Healthy Gift Ideas
Sleep Aids

Mindfold Sleep Mask
Acurest Snoring Relief
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Liquid Dentist Mouthwash

Blast Allergies Away

with the
Wein Air Supply
Personal Air Purifier

100% Kosher
100% Vegetarian
300% More Energy


Earth's Most Nutrient Rich Food!

When you can't afford an alkaline water ionizer, but you need to get alkaline...
Alkalife Alkaline Boosting Drops
Get Alkalife!

The New Standard In Juicers

The Hurom "Slow" Juicer

When You Feel Too Lazy To Exercise 

Just lay on your back and let The Chi Energizer do it for you

Is Fluoride in your water?

Fluoride Test Kit
Get a Fluoride Prefilter

The Original
Rich MSM Water Drops

Stem Cell Nutrition

Powerful Stuff!


Food Your Cells Can Eat

Water Flosser
Oral Irrigator

Cell Phone Radiation

Never put that phone to your head without WaveShield protection

Are You Acidic? Check It With pHion pH Strps
Phion Diagnostic pH-Test Strips
The Best pH Test Paper


Saves Energy  &
Blocks Harmful EMF

Q-Link Products

Protect You From EMF

Works Like A Water Softener

The Best Non-chemical solution to hard water problems
Softer Water Effect
Retain Healthy Minerals
Reduce Scale buildup
Easy Installation
$0.00 Maintenance

Best Price

Far Infrared Mats

Far Infrared Suits & Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Wraps

Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Portable FIR Sauna

Infrared Healing Lamp

Healthy Cows Eat Nothing But Grass

Now its your turn!
pHion Green
Concentrated Organic
Wheat grass Juice
Barley grass Juice
Oat Grass Juice
Alfalfa Juice
and Spirulina

Other pHion Products:
pHion Alkaline Booster
pHion Alkaline Minerals
pH Test Strips