Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

This book was heaven sent for me. I did not want to go to a dentist and I did not!


Features of your book include:

  • Dentist Weston Price's 95% effective tooth decay curing protocol and four more innovative protocols.
  • How to repair and remineralize your teeth now utilizing diet.
  • How to stop getting fillings, crowns and root canals.
  • How to stop tooth pain and tooth infections naturally.
  • How babies, children, teens, adults and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers can accelerate tooth healing.

Learn how to save your teeth with valuable health wisdom not found anywhere else. 

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Learn About Tooth Decay

We have been conditioned to believe in going to the dentist. Even health conscious people are still wired to go to the dentist. Reading this book will open your mind and you will say it makes sense. Tooth decay has to do with diet like everything else, but when you see and experience only a week of the correct diet stopping tooth pain it is absolutely stunning. Why has no dentist, news report told you about this?

In this book Cure Tooth Decay you will learn the truth about tooth decay, cavities, Gum disease, and toothaches.

What Is Tooth Decay?
Tooth decay is bone loss in your mouth. According to an article published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, tooth decay is not caused by bacteria.

“In previous reports we have stated that after a study of the microorganisms found in caries and in pyorrhea we attempted to reproduce dental lesions both by feeding and by inoculation with these various bacteria. In no case did we succeed in establishing dental disease by these means. It was only when we took up the study of foods that we obtained results.”

(Percy Howe, DDS presentation reprinted in The Journal American Dental Association 1923)

Did your realize that brushing and flossing do not do that much to prevent tooth decay. Otherwise how do you explain why 90% or more of our population has tooth decay? Don't a significant percentage of Americans brush and floss? Yes. Then why do so many suffer from tooth decay?

What Causes Tooth Decay?
In this book you will get the facts. For example did you know that a clear explanation of the cause of tooth decay was given by Dr. Albert Schatz in 1972. Dr. Schatz believed that our teeth used minerals in a similar way the rest of our body does. That it utilizes a system of enzymes and chelating minerals. This theory is called the proteolysis-chelation theory. In Dr. Schatz's proteolysis-chelation theory, it is diet, trace elements, and hormonal balance that are key factors in triggering enzymes and tooth mineral chelation which results in tooth decay.

Why Hasn't Any Dentist Told Me The Real Cause of Tooth Decay?
In the 1940s the International Association of Dental Research voted that the bacterial theory of tooth decay was correct and silenced the perspective that food and environmental factors were the cause of cavities. With over 30,000,000 root canals performed every year, tooth decay is a billion dollar business.

Rather than focusing on the fact that what you eat is what causes cavities, modern dentistry is narrowly focused on what your bacteria are eating. The false information put out by modern dentistry leads people away from the truth, and away from the real cause and real cure for tooth decay. It is not what you feed your bacteria, it is what you feed yourself that causes cavities. Likewise, special foods can cure tooth decay. These are important concepts that the general puplic are just not being told.

Learn About Tooth Decay
This book provide an alternative perspective on tooth decay that helps empower you.

For instance did you know that cod liver oil can significantly reduce your rate of cavities? - Cod liver oil contains vitamins A and D which can help prevent tooth decay. Tests prove that these fat-soluble vitamins reduce the rate of cavities.

What modern foods cause tooth decay? - What you do not eat is as important as what you eat in the battle against cavities. Find out what foods to avoid.

Foods to stop cavities - Eating natural, unrefined whole foods can help prevent or even heal dental cavities. Find out which foods can reverse your tooth decay.

Get an introduction to oral health - Your mouth is a window to your insides and a clean, healthy mouth is a sign of a balanced body chemistry. Through a better diet and natural products you can improve the health of your mouth.

One of the most impressive things you will learn in this book are about people across the globe free from tooth decay. - Isolated groups of people eating a traditional diet show no signs of tooth decay. However, when people eat unhealthy, modern foods, their teeth develop cavities and other problems.

Why do cavities happen? - A cavity occurs when a tooth decays such that the barrier between the saliva and the tooth root or pulp is breached. This is caused by a deficiency in vitamins and minerals due to the modern diet.

Use diet to heal and prevent cavities - Adjustments to your modern diet to include foods rich in fat-soluble vitamins can prevent and even heal tooth cavities.

Did you know that whole grains can be an enemy to having healthy teeth? - Phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds and beans represents a problem in our diets. These foods should be properly prepared for consumption by thorough soaking or avoided altogether.

Learn about the insides of your teeth - Your teeth have many parts, from the outer enamel layer through to the tooth nerves. Each part of a tooth has its role to play in enabling us to chew and eat food.

Serious flaws about the current tooth decay theory. - The American Dental Association believes that tooth decay is caused by bacteria, and that keeping your teeth clean by brushing, and visiting the dentist regularly will keep you cavity-free. However, since tooth decay increases with age, evidence shows that this theory is flawed.

Additional Tooth Decay Learning
How to prevent tooth decay - The science of conventional tooth decay prevention has clearly failed. In fact, cavities occur when our body chemistry is out of balance. Effective tooth decay prevention addresses this imbalance.

Red wine does not stop cavities - Red wine stops a type of bacteria from sticking to teeth. However, since bacteria are not the cause of tooth decay, this will have no effect on the development of cavities.

Raisins do not stop cavities - Scientists have claimed that raisins can stop dental cavities because of their anti-microbial characteristics. Raisins neither prevent nor cause tooth decay, because tooth decay has nothing to do with bacteria in your mouth.

Is there a connection of pH levels to tooth decay? - Some people brush their teeth with baking soda to change the pH level of their mouth. But evidence shows that a higher pH level and lower bacteria level is the result of halted tooth decay, and not the cause.

Fat-soluble vitamins, the secret to stopping cavities - Fat-soluble vitamins are vital to our dental health. These include vitamins A, D, E and K. Find out what foods contain these important vitamins.

Learn more about health food bars and tooth decay - Many of the over-processed ingredients in candy damage our health, including our teeth. Candy causes the body's blood sugar level to fluctuate drastically. For children, this can limit their growth process.

How aloe vera can help with tooth decay - Aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial properties and is commonly used for healing and soothing burns and other injuries. It offers an alternative way for the body to absorb nutrients which may help to prevent tooth decay.

Do Germs Cause Cavities? - The theory that germs cause disease was developed by Louis Pasteur, and continues to be used for all kinds of illness, including tooth decay. Read about the types of bacteria believed to cause dental cavities and find out why these theories are flawed.

Does Xylitol Stop Cavities? - Xylitol is often used to sweeten foods as an alternative to sugar. The xylitol industry claims it will stop tooth decay, but xylitol is a processed synthetic sugar, not a natural product, which can be extremely harmful to human health.

Glycerin in Toothpaste is not good for us - Glycerin can be made from lard, corn or even biodiesel processing. As well as being found in toothpaste, it is used in solvent, antifreeze and lubricants.

Foods that Inhibit Decay - Eating life-depleting foods will cause your teeth to decay. Eating as close as possible to nature can inhibit tooth decay, and following this protocol can even reverse your dental cavities.

Tooth Pain and what you can do about it - Tooth pain occurs when the tooth nerve is inflamed, usually due to the enamel being compromised. This is caused by demineralization, and the pain can be soothed with a home remedy. Different types of tooth pain have different causes.

Tooth Extractions are not a good idea - Teeth can be extracted because they are decayed or for orthodontic reasons. However, there are alternatives to extraction for both cases.

The Real Cure For Cavities - Tooth dentin can remineralize and heal your cavities. The Cure for Cavities Tour shows how to heal and prevent tooth decay through eating special foods and avoiding damage to your teeth. Make your teeth stronger and improve your overall health.

Dental Caries - Dental caries is the scientific term for a tooth cavity. Opinions on the causes of dental caries dating from as early as the nineteenth century suggest that nutrition may be the answer.

Tooth Decay Prevention - Conventional tooth decay prevention tells us that oral bacteria cause cavities and we should keep our mouths clean to avoid this. Real, effective tooth decay prevention, however, tells us that a healthy tooth does not decay, and this health starts from within, with the foods we eat.

Heal Dental Cavities - Learn about the real cause of cavities and how to heal your teeth in the book Cure Tooth Decay. Find out whether a dental procedure, such as a root canal, is really necessary. Look after your children's teeth with a special section.

Healthy Teeth - Dentists say that dental plaque means unhealthy teeth and that a combination of brushing and fluoride mouth rinses is the solution. However, our teeth are made from the inside out, like the rest of our body, and so nutrition is the key factor in having healthy teeth.

Cavities - Different types of cavity, including coronal cavities, root cavities and recurrent cavities can occur for different reasons. Natural treatments can help to cure tooth decay and a special diet can prevent further cavities occurring.

Raw Milk Stops Tooth Decay - Raw unpasteurized milk from healthy animals has many health-giving properties. Unlike overprocessed pasteurized milk, raw milk nourishes our bones and teeth with the highest quality calcium and many beneficial vitamins.

Severe Toothache - Tooth pain occurs when the nerve of the tooth is exposed, and comes into contact with substances from the mouth. The nerve becomes inflamed, causing an extremely painful sensation. Toothache pain can be healed naturally with various foods and remedies.

Veganism and Tooth Decay - A vegan diet is cleansing, rather than building or sustaining. With the lack of fat-soluble vitamins from animal products, vegans are more susceptible to tooth decay. However if you are vegan, you can still take steps to optimize your diet for dental health and curing tooth decay.

Tooth Remineralization - Dentin that is found in teeth can demineralize or remineralize. When our teeth remineralize due to the health-giving foods we eat, the dentin grows back and this can heal cavities.

Town without Toothache - Dentist George Heard worked in Hereford, Texas, and found that the natural raw milk diet of the town meant the rate of tooth decay was drastically reduced. Buttermilk, clabber and cottage cheese, all from grassfed animals, were regularly consumed by the residents, thereby preserving their dental health.

National Institutes of Health Tooth Decay - The National Institutes of Health has produced a fact sheet about tooth decay. However, many of these so-called facts turn out to be myths.

Streptococci Mutans - This bacteria is falsely believed to be the cause of tooth decay. In fact, Streptococci Mutans is a naturally occurring bacteria in the body.

False Tooth Decay Beliefs - Mainstream websites put out false information about tooth cavities and how to avoid them. This misleads readers from finding the real cause of tooth decay and how to avoid it.

Tooth Decay Myths & Facts - The dental establishment teaches the public false theories about the cause and prevention of tooth decay. If we question these theories we can understand why they are flawed.

Tooth Decay Colloidal Silver - This is one reader's success story using colloidal silver to treat dental cavities. By using colloidal silver on his teeth he was able to achieve significant remineralization and avoid a trip to the dentist.

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