Liquid Dentist
Tooth & Gum Repair

Is it possible to stop tooth decay and gum disease with a mouth wash? 

LIQUID DENTIST promises to reverse tooth decay and arrest gum disease. This is an amazing claim, but we encourage you to try it and follow all the instructions carefully including the instruction to stay away from sweets, and you will rejoice when you experience your gums and tooth being restored. This is a great opportunity. Please read the entire product description below to understand how LIQUID DENTIST performs its amazing feat.

How Does Liquid Dentist Work?

Liquid Dentist works simply, naturally, and effectively by sending liquid micro-silver and oxygen deep within your teeth and gums. this amazing liquid energetically zaps the varmints that cause these diseases. the refreshing liquid then helps repair your teeth and gums most naturally.

Liquid Dentist is the first oral hygiene product based on published studies that prove you can reverse tooth decay with good nutrition, medical ozonation of decay, followed by remineralizing mouth rinsing. Liquid Dentist was formulated to replicate this science, providing a product that electrocutes acid formers that cause needless suffering, then remineralizing teeth that have lost calcium due to decay. So tooth decay, dental abscesses, periodontal diseases, and expensive trips to the dentist can be naturally prevented, better than ever, with Liquid Dentist.

Reverse Your Dental Decay Naturally

Wouldn’t it be great if you could conquer tooth decay without drilling? Well now you can and here’s how:

When using Liquid Dentist to reverse tooth decay, avoid sweets that feed decay-producing germs. This helps Liquid Dentist use its electrically-active silver and oxygen to electrocute the microbes menacing your teeth. then, their dead bodies remain within your tooth surrounded by the tooth’s original protein fibers. the dead microbes and healthy filaments that dentists always drill away can actually help repair your teeth naturally. The protein filaments act like construction rebar--iron rods used to strengthen cement buildings. The germ bodies act like little stones in cement that increase strength in the cured filler. So when Liquid Dentist flows minerals, including calcium and phosphate naturally into teeth, into each area of tooth decay prepared by the silver & oxygen, this “one two punch” can help new tooth structure form even harder, and more decay resistant, than your original tooth (according to published scientific studies). but you must stay away from sugar (refined carbohydrates) if you want to reverse deep decay.

Liquid Dentists takes advantage of this natural dental filling process that aids tooth formation. Dentists who use Liquid Dentist will have more satisfied customers that will think their dentist are miracle workers. Teeth can be naturally healed without drilling, especially when you starve the varments causing tooth decay by avoiding dietary sugars. This is why dentists advise against sweets. Besides saving your teeth, you can reduce your dental costs. We still recommend visiting your dentists to confirm that Liquid Dentist is doing its job. Who doesn't what to hear their dentist say, what have you been doing, your tooth looks great!

Can You Heal Your Gum Disease Without Surgery?

Gum disease is most often caused by germs that cause your white blood cell body guards to invade your periodontal tissues. Brushing and flossing is important, but periodontal germs and plaque is often missed by even expert flossers and brushers. Liquid Dentist never misses. This silver-oxygenating remineralizing liquid flows where brush and floss can’t get. it helps disinfect beneath your gums and on root surfaces to arrest gum inflammation that leads to periodontal disease. simply syringing or irrigating with Liquid Dentist can even help stop gum disease in “deep pockets.”

Liquid Dentist Tried & Tested Ingredients

Monatomic activated fulvic, energized water, plant based (phyto) nutirents, monoatomic silver, gold, zinc, and indium; MSM, fructo-oligosaccharides, mineral consentrate, glycerin, lecithin, and essential oils pepermint, lemon, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, wintergreen, clove, and birch in a proprietary enzyme blend.

Save a lot of money. . . .

With pleasant tasting Liquid Dentist, you never need to buy another mouthwash again. you can brush with Liquid Dentist too, rinse with it, gargle with it, and then swallow it. If that scares you, then just spit it out until you get the guts to swallow it. Why swallow it? Liquid Dentist is actually a precious mineral supplement, oxygenation aid, powerful immune supporter, and general health promoter. When you spit it out you are spitting out valuable stuff. Just read the ingredients list again. If you feel uncomfortable about swallowing after swishing, just think about the fact that you do the equivalent when you eat anything or even drink juice. You masticate the food or swish juice or wine and then swallow. Remember the Liquid Dentist is not Listerine. That stuff I wouldn't put in my mouth in the first place.

Further when you consider what you would save by stop using toothpastes and chemical mouth rinses which cannot do what Liquid Dentist can do you will see clearly your savings. Then consider the expense and discomfort of fillings, gum treatments, and gum surgeries today? Does your dental insurance cost more than $39.95 a month? 

Liquid Dentist assures reduced costs and the best protection you can get to avoid needless expenses, dental diseases, and excruciating pains.

Every batch is hand-crafted. . . .

Every batch and bottle of Liquid Dentist is hand-crafted to assure you always get the best, freshest, and most powerful, product anyone is capable of delivering. Every batch of Liquid Dentist is tested routinely.

This also means that from batch to batch, month to month, you may see, or taste, slight variations in the formula, due to, for example, differences in the fulvic acid ores, as each highest quality organic source varies, sometimes dramatically, in color and taste.

Notice on Refrigeration & Coagulation:

Don't put the Liquid Dentist bottle to your head. It should be poured out in a separate container. We recommend that Liquid Dentist be refrigerated after opening to maintain optimal strength. Shake vigorously when "clumping" becomes a concern. But, even if you don't refrigerate, Liquid Dentist will maintains adequate protective enzyme activity.

The "cap screen" can be quickly removed and brushed with your toothbrush to clean it, or simply brushed before you brush your teeth, to clear the cap. You can use the coagulated clumps of essential oils as "toothpaste".

It is important to note that the highest quality essential oil ingredients will naturally separate from the structured water matrix, especially in the presence of our natural enzymes. This is why vigorous shaking restores fluid consistency of Liquid Dentist. Also vigorous swishing helps to release oxygen, minerals, and enzymes during usage.

Help us spread the word...

help people all around the world save their teeth and gums by sharing the gift of Liquid Dentist.


Liquid Dentist
Tooth & Gum Repair

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 Liquid Dentist Mouthwash



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