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was designed to be an antidote to radiation. Now it is being used by the terminally ill, professional athletes, and anyone seeking vibrant health..
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Bio-Chelat Efficacy Test

This test will demonstrate the effectiveness of Bio-Chelat at neutralizing heavy metals. You can use either the Quick Heavy Metal Test kit or the Professional Heavy Metal Test kit to perform this test.  

Open test-tube and place one of the small square
Test Paper into test tube solution.
Close test tube and shake gently until solution turns green.
(Within 30 –60 seconds)

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Then add 5 ml with the pipette of the liquid to be
tested(water, saliva, urine,) into the test-tube. ( The test-
tube is now filled up to the 6ml line) Shake vigorously for
15-30 seconds, stop and allow the solution to react for 1


Distinctive color: Purple, pink, beige, red. High
heavy metal concentration
(ca. 5ppm-3ppm)
Fill up the beaker again with the same urine and add approx. 25 drops of Bio-Chelat. (5 drops per 2ml of urine).
Prepare test as before and run the test.

The colour in the test tube now remains green. The electrically active heavy metals are neutralized or chelated.

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Cellular Detoxification

Cellfood was designed to be an antidote to radiation exposure that was killing the scientists who worked on the "Manhattan Project". Now it is being used by the terminally ill, professional athletes, and anyone seeking vibrant health. Cellfood contains "Aerobic" proteins, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, 78 major and trace elements, deuterons, electrolytes, and dissolved oxygen. Learn more 

All the other Cellfood products includes the base Cellfood solution which makes them more effective and bioavailable than any other nutrient of its kind.  To learn more click on the following Cellfood products...

Multivitamin; Vitamin-C; DHEA; MSM; Diet; Silica; SAM-e











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