Pure Value
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Pure Value 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

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The Five Stage RO Purification Process

  1. 5 Micron Sediment Filter: Removes dirt, sediments, sand, and other physical particle

  2. Carbon Block: Reduces chemicals such as chlorine, that may be present in your water supply.

  3. 2nd Carbon Block: Further reduces organics, odors, and other chemicals that might be present in your water supply.

  4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 50 gallon per day membrane removes 93-97% of dissolved mineral salts and other contaminants in the water supply.

  5. Post Carbon Filter: A final polishing process that enhances and clarifies your drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis filtration systems represent the ultimate water cleaning technology. Reverse Osmosis is the process by which water molecules are forced by your household water pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. Contaminants are rinsed to the drain while your clean filtered water is stored in the holding tank. It cleanse the water so well that it removes even the healthy minerals in water leaving the water essentially dead. Nevertheless if you are concerned about drugs in your drinking water, but you still want to drink healthy alkaline water, employing a reverse osmosis system in your configuration is a great idea. This is the only sure fire way to address removing all contaminants from your water. To restore the healthy minerals you will need to install a calcite or magnesium mineral filter.

Maintaining you Reverse Osmosis requires testing. A TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) test meter is a handy tool to have. It will tell you just how effective your RO system is removing particles from your water. You can use it to judge when to replace your membrane filter. Our Primo 3 TDS meter is our recommendation. It is affordable and accurate. For more information click on Primo3 TDS Test Meter.

You may also be battling a water hardness problem and it is best to know exactly what you are dealing with by checking specifically for hardness.

No need to guess what your water hardness is. Test it!

Hard Water Test Kit

Pure Value 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Capacity Specifications

Maximum Total Dissolved Solids

no more than 2000ppm

Water Temp Range 40-85 F
Water Pressure Range 40-80 psi
Allowable pH Range 4-11
Maximum Manganese

no more than 0.05ppm

Maximum Iron no more 0.1ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide must not be present
Bacteria water source must be potable

Pure Value 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Components

  • Desal 50 gpd TFC membrane

  • 5 Micron prefilter

  • Two carbon block prefilters

  • 2" x 10 GAC post filter

  • Quick connect fittings

  • Supply feed

  • Drain connector

  • Auto shut off valve

  • Tank ball valve

  • 1/4" From tank to faucet

  • 5 year warranty on NSF 3.2 gallon storage tank

Pure Value 5 Stage RO System

Shipping Information
Complete Pure Value 5 Stage RO System 


RO System Replacement Cartridge Filters
5 Micron RO Sediment Prefilter


RO Carbon Block filter (you need two of these)


2 x 10" GAC RO Post Inline filter


Desal 50 GDP TFC membrane filter


Shipping is FREE in the USA with orders over $100.00

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