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let the chi move you

The Chi Machine Featured on The Doctor's Show


One lady on the program who suffered from fibromyalgia was quoted as saying

It's amazing! I never, ever expected it to work, and I feel incredible. The swelling in my legs has gone down. The pain is so much easier to handle. Even my skin cleared up. I just never expected just shaking my legs to do such incredible things.

"If you can lie down, you can do the Chi. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating"

Chi-Energizer CY106
Best Seller
Chi-Flow CY106L
Chi Super CY106S

Possible Health Benefits

  • Increase your oxygen levels

  • Stimulate increased blood circulation

  • Enhance lymphatic drainage

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves stress

  • Improves overall immune function

  • Stimulate "Chi" energy

  • This is the perfect exercise machine!  

"Chi" (also rendered as "Qi") is a Chinese term referring to the basic component of energy and matter, often called "Life Force" or "Life Energy".
Dr. Shizuo Inoue, of Japan, an expert in oxygenating exercise, designed the original Chi Machine. He wanted to give a simple side-to-side fishtail-like movement to the body. In this way, Dr. Inoue had come to conclude that cellular absorption of oxygen can be improved. With his vast experience in alternate health practices, he saw yoga, Tai Chi, breathing methods, jogging, aerobic exercise, swimming, etc., as different approaches to alleviating oxygen deficiency. His Chi Machine was to do that too, and also improve oxygenation for those unable to be so active.

Dr. Inouye's Chi Machine was originally marketed world-wide by Sun Ancon, and bought by many thousands. Since the Chi Machine was invented, other companies have decided to make similar devices, often at a much lower cost. The purpose has remained the same, but later Chi devices have many design advances, such as allowing control of the speed of the swinging, enhancements to the movement pattern, re-engineering, and electronic timing.

Our Chi machine looks identical to the ones shown in this video and it comes with two year warranty instead of one. We invite you to compare our models with the original and see why you are in for a bargain. Many of our customers bought our Chi Machines because someone they knew told them about our machines and the benefit they received from using them. 


The originators of the Chi Health Device understandably want to preserve their high profit-earning brand and continue selling at close to their original prices. They do make some unfair claims about the newer-generation devices, which deserve a response. They claim that the original design (single speed) is better, and that multiple speed choice is not an option supported by research. But they make no research on the original design available to back up this claim. They sometimes say that machines selling for less have "inferior" motors. However, our top of the line devices come with a full 2-year warranty. Our Chi Energizer, Chi Flow Machine and Chi Infra Vibe Machines are all as robust, (all weigh more than) the original Chi Machine. It is also comforting to note that all the machines we sell comes with several years of product development and improvement, a service team, and a line of replacement parts for a product life well beyond the warranty period.

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Chi Machine
Chi-Energizer CY 106
Best Seller
Chi-Flow CY 106L
Chi Super CY106S
Chi Machine
HJ 803
110 / 220
110 / 220
Motor (Watts)
40 / 80
40 / 80
45 / 80
variable speed
(90-150 rpm)
variable speed
(80-160 rpm)
variable speed
(80-160 rpm)
single speed (140 rpm)
Control Dial
110/Dial Control
220/LCD Digital
LCD Digital LCD Digital Dial
2 years
2 years
2 years
1 year labor
2 years parts
Infrared Lamp
Vibration Function
- - yes -
speed control revolutionized
pendulum lateral motion
(15 min)
Unique Motor (Chi Vitalizer) 3 Modes
LCD Dial control
(15 min)
speed control
pendulum lateral motion
(15 min)
Heavy duty
dial timer
(30 min)
9' 6' 9.5' 6'
8.5 kg / 19 lb 8.5 kg / 19 lb 9 kg / 20 lb 7 kg / 15.5lb
Our Price
Shipping to 48 Lower States FREE FREE FREE  

Chi Health Devices work in a very simple way. They swing the body gently side-to-side from the ankle support (some models add a slight up-and-down movement). As this motion is on the axis of the spine, it results in a full body massage, which also involves internal organs and other systems.

The gentle, simple side-to-side fishtail-like movement envisioned by Dr. Inoue encourages the blood to circulate more efficiently from a caudal to anterior direction throughout the body. The body's systems all undergo massage in a steady, undulating motion, but without high impacts. A great many users say they can feel the strengthening of the Chi and a general sense of well-being. Afterwards, many experience a tingling, rushing sensation, gradually diminishing to a deep relaxation—not unlike what runners call a "natural" or "runner's high". That is a sign of the Chi device's effect on the body. These benefits are delivered by most Chi Health Devices, including of course the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Even people whose illness or age restrict their activity can benefit from the motion a Chi device imparts.

The undulating motion has a holistic impact on the health. The functioning of internal organs is enhanced, detoxification is promoted. The back benefits from the gentle flexing and aligning of the spine. Motion is introduced to muscles, relaxing the one using it. And as nerves and muscles relax, so does the mind. The benefits of motion for muscles that might otherwise stay inactive are clear, and these benefits of passive exercise can come to those who cannot move easily on their own, without reducing energy levels.

Chi-Energizer CY106
Best Seller
Chi-Flow CY106L
Chi Super CY106S

Exercise/Massage Equipment Page

These Chi Devices are for use as powered exercise equipment only.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use a product, please consult your physician before using it.

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