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The Comfort Stone Jade Far Infrared Mattress is a complex, technologically advanced multi-layered mattress, with circuits to radiate Infrared heat through actual jade. Offers well-being and serenity even in our hectic times, by combining the time-honored floor culture of ancient Asian villages with the luxury leisure culture of modern living spaces. The Jade Mattress is larger than the Mini Jade Mattress and it is inset with not only natural jade but also other radiant minerals, like tourmaline, germanium, and loess. The Jade Mattress is the result of intensive research, the mattress combines the therapeutic value of highly efficient Far Infrared Radiation with functions to: generate a steady supply of negative ions, and neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves. This translates into muscle relaxation, reduced arthritic pain, increased joint flexibility, and relieves stress 

Outfit your spa room, your recreation room, bedroom, or any room with the wonderful Jade Mattress. Feel better, all-round. Meditation, Recreation, Floor Exercises are some of the ways to benefit from the famous Infrared Jade Mattress. Its reputation is great in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries, where manufacturers and models abound. We have chosen the mattress with the best value and performance of them all.


• folds up for easy storage
• easily shift it from space to space
• cozy family warmth in the TV room
• your meditation mat
• a heated yoga mat
• perfect for massage (relaxes the muscles)
• recuperate from chills or flu on it
• ideal for arthritis/rheumatism/joint pain
• can operate for 8 hours
• place it in bed for a warm sleep

• in summer heat, use without power
• unheated, jade's cooling properties to soothe and relax

2 Size Available: (Only Double Size)

Single: 100 x 200 x 4cm /40" x 80" Double: 190 x 200 x 4cm / 76 " x 80"
  The Jade Mattress is a truly well-made product, a far cry from the harsh heating coils of electric blankets. Multiple layers of ingenious design, to disperse gentle heat through the minerals, neutralizing e-waves, offering negative ions at the touch of a button.

No harmful waves of any kind are emitted by the Jade Mattress.
The Jade Mattress is inset with disks of natural jade (plus other radiant minerals, like tourmaline, germanium, and loess). When the jade is heated, it emits infrared rays that penetrate the body 14-15cm (5.5 to 6 inches). The rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body but deeper parts of our body. These rays soothe, alleviating backache and other pains such as arthritis pain.


1. Natural Jade and other Stone Embedded Layer
2. High Quality Jacquard Textile Layer
3. PU / PVC waterproofing layer
4. Fiber glass layer
5. Bamboo charcoal Embedded Layer
6. Loess Non-woven Cloth Layer
7. Silicon Heating Layer
8. Sensor and Bi-metal Layer
9. Aluminium Foil Layer
10. Thermostat Layer
11. Additional Circuitry Layers
12. Negative Ionization
13. Quilted Cotton Layer
• Negative Ionization function acts rapidly, should you choose a session of ionization (recommended for half an hour or less)
• Laxative benefits of relaxing intestinal function.
• High blood pressure can be lowered by relaxation, de-stressing, helped by a stream of Negative Ions.
• Headaches can be relieved.
• Negative Ions for refreshment and sense of well-being
• E-Wave function neutralizes electromagnetic waves produced by electrical devices
In the East, the reputation of jade is ancient. Long-ago people thought that wearing jade would increase body strength and add longevity.
In ancient China and Egypt jade was used as a talisman to attract good fortune and friendship. Worn as an amulet it was thought to protect one from evil while traveling and to
promote wisdom and ensure a long life. Jade was considered to protect the kidney, heart, larynx, liver, spleen, thymus, thyroid and strengthen the body. Thought to have cooling properties, Jade is a time-honored symbol of love and virtue.
These ideas about jade may have some bearing on the incredible popularity of jade mattresses in Asian countries. But the fact is, the mineral, and the ceramics added to the mattress with it, are remarkably good radiators of infrared radiation, when gently heated by the elements in the mattress.

• Heating (temperature adjustment) 
1. Connect the controller to the mattress
2. Turn the temperature switch to the 1 setting (at the triangle), then press Power/Timer button. With each press the power and heating indicators will light up in sequence.
3. Turn the temperature switch to the desired temperature. The standard temperature is (5). The preference will differ for different people. The heating system will turn off automatically when the mattress temperature reaches the right level. In the same way, the heating system will automatically heat the mattress when the temperature gets low. The heating system will automatically switch on or switch off.
4. To start the timer function, please press Heating / Timer button twice. The timer function is not variable; it will automatically power off after 8 hours.
5. Press Heating / Timer button three times to power off.
• Negative voltage [N.V] function
1. To use the Negative Voltage function, press Negative Voltage button. If the heating system is operating, it will automatically power off. The heating system and Negative Voltage function will not operate at the same time. If you press Heating/Timer button when the Negative Voltage function is operating, the Negative Voltage function will power off automatically.
2. The negative Voltage Function will operate continuously until it automatically powers off after 1 hour.
3. When beginning to use the Negative Voltage system, if the mattress is too cold, it is suggested to heat the mattress first, then use the Negative Voltage system.
• Negative Ion function (releases negative ions to freshen the air)
1. To start the Negative Ion system, press Negative Ion [ION] button. The Negative Ion function is different from the Negative Voltage function, and can be used simultaneously with the heating system or used independently.
2. Press the Negative Ion button once to start, and twice to switch off. .
• Electromagnetic wave[E-WAVE] Neutralizer function
The electromagnetic wave neutralizer function needs to be checked with power on.
The method for checking is:
1. Get off of the mattress and have no contact with the mattress.
2. Grasp the Electromagnetic wave neutralizer button (metal button) on the controller firmly with thumb and index finger. Check the electromagnetic wave indicator light. If the indicator does not light up, it means electromagnetic waves are not detected.
3. If the indicator lights up in step 2), it means electromagnetic wave emissions are detected. Turn the electromagnetic wave switch to left or right. Find the proper setting where the indicator blacks out or is the most gray.


Size Single Double
Dimensions 100cm x 200cm
40" x 78"
190cm x 200 cm
56 " x 78"
Jade 156 pieces 312 pieces
Ceramic 156 pieces 104 pieces
Rare Earth Mineral - 52 pieces
Voltage AC 110V  / 300W AC 110V  / 300W
Heating Time 5 mins. 5 mins.
Timer Control 8 Hour Auto Shut off 8 Hour Auto Shut off
Temperature 52°C ~ 62°C (levels 1~10) 52°C ~ 62°C (levels 1~10)
Assembly 30 Sec. ~ 1 Min. 30 Sec. ~ 1 Min.
Weight   49 lbs



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