EOS DNA 9 Plate Touch Screen
Lydia NEC901 TFT LCD
Alkaline Water Ionizer

This is the real deal - the most impressive 9 Plate Water Ionizer

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The EOS NEC901 TFT Water Ionizer Features:
* Most advanced SMPS electrical system
* 12 stage dual filter system
* Patented slotted plates
* Large touch screen
* User manual programmed into touch screen
* Language, time, pH, and ORP customizability
* Intelligently adjust ionization to your tap water
* Super powerful ionization

* Optional Warranty Selections to lower the cost.

EOS NEC901 TFT Water Ionizer

$1,695.00 to $2,995.00

EOS NEC901 TFT Replacement Filters


TFT LCD Water Ionizer Features Video

EOS DNA Lydia NEC901 TFT LCD Water Ionizer Installation Video

  Uses of Alkaline Water         Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water        Uses of Acid Water

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The DNA is the newest countertop water ionizer by EOS and may very well be the most advanced water ionizer made to date. It is a true state of the art technology producing the highest quality ionized water. It is water ionization fundamentally redesigned to perfection and it looks beautiful.

Touch Screen Operation

The EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Water Ionizer is the first smart phone like water ionizer

EOS DNA Advanced Functionality: With the touch of your finger, you can select alkaline or acidic water, control the pH and ORP levels, set the clock, read the manual, read tips on living a healthy lifestyle, and scroll through useful tips for using the EOS DNA Water Ionizer. You can also access the advanced Mode section to make changes to the ionization, the filter life warning, the speaker volume and more, making the EOS DNA water ionizer customizable to just the way you like it.

Customize your EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Water Ionizer by changing the brightness of the LCD screen, the volume, the time, and so much more!

You can even change the language, read the manual, or read up on some healthy living tips to keep you motivated in your healthy lifestyle!

9 Preset Ionization Levels

While the EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Water Ionizer is capable of 76 alkaline pH levels alone and literally hundreds of pH and ORP combinations, the nine most useful settings have been preset and are available with the touch of your finger. Here are the nine preset levels and why they’re so useful:

Alkaline Water Level 1

This is a gentle alkaline water level perfect for making baby formula or for those with sensitive stomachs. This is about the same pH as milk. It is also a great first level for those who are new to ionized water.

Alkaline Water Level 2

The alkaline water level two is a stronger alkaline water, a 9.0, that serves as a second step for those new to ionized water. We recommend that you first start drinking level one for about a week, then level two for about a week, then drink level three. The reason is alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant that will detoxify your body, so it’s best to go slowly.

Alkaline Water Level 3

Alkaline water level three, a 9.5 pH and -330 ORP, is the ideal drinking water, fashioned after world famous water in Lourdes, France and longevity springs world wide. Just like Mother Nature uses the sun to naturally ionize spring water, the EOS DNA Water Ionizer uses the same water electroylsis to create the same quality water. Statistically, people who drink from longevity springs are much healthier and many people believe the magic is in the water. So do we.

Alkaline Water Level 4

Alkaline level 4 is a perfect pH for making your coffee and your tea. Tea and coffee are naturally acidic and brewing them with this strong alkaline water will neutralize the acid and make it slightly alkaline. You’ll really notice the difference as it will taste and feel much smoother and your teeth will appreciate not being stained from the acid. This is also a great level for making rice and cooking stews.

Alkaline Water Level 5

At an 10.5 pH, alkaline water level 5 is the recommended level for cooking meat. The high alkalinity of this water will neutralize fat and acid in your meat, leaving only the natural flavors, and making your meal absolutely delicious!

Alkaline Water Level 6

At an 11 pH and higher, alkaline level 6 is your cleaning alkaline water. Use this water to neutralize oil based stains on your dishes, countertops, and even your carpet. Also, soak your produce in this water to remove oil based pesticides, getting it much cleaner than soap alone.

Purify Water Level

Use the purify selection to make water for taking medication. With this selection the water flows through the internal filters but is not ionized. 

Acidic Water Level 1

This is a very gentle acid water that is best used for bathing an infant or other sensitive skin.

Acidic Water Level 2

5.5 pH water is considered beauty water in Japan and they actually bottle it and sell it for a few dollars a bottle! The reason why people are willing to pay so much for beauty water is it’s a natural astringent and will clean and tighten your skin without the use of chemicals or irratating natural products. Just pour this water into a spray bottle, set the bottle to spritz, and spray all over your face a couple times a day, preferably day and night. You’ll see how it neutralizes oil and gently removes dirt will carefully and naturally tightening your skin.

Acidic Water Level 3

This is the acid water that your house plants are going to LOVE! Plants have the opposite biology when compared to animals, so they crave acid water. This 5 pH is perfect for their biology and you’ll see your house plants thrive. You can also put your cut flowers in level 3 acid water and they will last twice as long as putting them in tap water!

Acidic Water Level 4

The acidic water level four is the water you use to sterilize. It can kill bacteria and viruses so all you have to do is collect it in a spray bottle and spray everywhere! Spray your kitchen, spray your bathroom, soak your sponges and tooth brushes in it to keep them sterile. The amount you will save using this acid water instead of chemicals will really add up, adding even more value to the EOS DNA Water Ionizer.

Please give us a call to discuss your new alkaline water ionizer.

Advanced Electrolysis Chamber

The EOS DNA Water Ionizer plates are among the most advanced in the world. Made by the Heesung metal company of Japan who is top-rated in the world for making platinized titanium plates. The slotted plate technology incorporated into EOS plates distributes the electrical current evenly so there are no hot spots or degradation of the plate over time. This is considered to be a better design than mesh plates that tend to trap minerals, which reduces the ionization.

Advanced Electrical System

The most important component to any water ionizer is its electrical system. The electrical system powers everything else and the quality of the electrical current produced directly affects the quality of the water ionization. So, when EOS set out to design the new DNA water ionizer, the electrical system is where they started. What they have created is the coolest running SMPS electrical system ever created with the cleanest electrical current that will create an abundance of antioxidants in your water and precisely ionize your water to the pH and ORP that you want.

EOS DNA NEC901 TFT Water Ionizer
Product Specifications

Manufacturing Company: EOS
Name of Model NEC901 TFT
Mfg/Product Approval Code  
Water supply type Direct connection to tap water
Warranty 1 year to Forever - see warranty details below
Rated Power Supply AC 100-120V 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption 500W
Dimension/Size 340x340x150 (H x W x D) mm 
Weight 5.9kg
Installation Position: Countertop and wall mounted
Water Supply Type Faucet diverter connection
pH Range Approximately 2.5 - 12 pH (4-10 pH preset)
Controlling Method Touch
Temperature Range 5°C ~ 40°C
Available Water Pressure 1.5~5.0kgf/cm2
Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Water Generating Capacity 1.1 ~ 3.5L/min
Electrolysis Ability 4 levels of Alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water
Electrolysis Cell 9 sheets of platinum coated titaniumm
Electrode Sheet Wash Automatic cleaning (cleaning time: approx. 30 seconds)
Filter Implementation Dual Cartridge Filters:  First filter: can treat up to about 4,000ℓ, Second filter: can treat up to 8000 liters.
Filter Material Three layered sediment filter, granular activated carbon, silver-containing activated carbon, Ceramic ball
Filter Life Indicator LCD display
Return Policy 30 Day Money Back

EOS NEC901 TFT Warranty

Forever warranty: The EOS NEC901 is warranted for the life of the original owner and is not transferable. The warranty does not cover consumable items such as the replacement filters. Damage such as dropping the product and power surges are not covered under this warranty. The customer is also responsible for performing maintenance such as running the citric acid cleaning cartridge according to the hardness of the water being used. This means the harder the water the more frequent the machine will need to be cleaned. The warranty covers parts and labor. Return shipping is covered for the first service event.

Five year warranty: The EOS NEC901 is warranted for five years from the time the date of purchase and it is transferable. The warranty does not cover consumable items such as the replacement filters. Damage such as dropping the product and power surges are not covered under this warranty. The customer is also responsible for performing maintenance such as running the citric acid cleaning cartridge according to the hardness of the water being used. This means the harder the water the more frequent the machine will need to be cleaned. The warranty covers parts and labor. Return shipping is covered for the first service event.  

One year manufacturers Warranty: This warranty is the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty does not cover consumable items such as the replacement filters. Damage such as dropping the product and power surges are not covered under this warranty. The customer is also responsible for performing maintenance such as running the citric acid cleaning cartridge according to the hardness of the water being used. This means the harder the water the more frequent the machine will need to be cleaned.

It is important to note that the EOS NEC901 TFT Alkaline Water Ionizer is expected to last well over 20 years. We know this because older, less advanced water ionizers sold in the 1990s are still working and producing alkaline water. With this in mind please recognize that buying the machine with only the manufacturer's warranty is the very best deal.

EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Alkaline Water Ionizer

EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Alkaline Water Ionizer - Forever warranty


EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Alkaline Water Ionizer - Five year warranty


EOS DNA NEC901 TFT LCD Alkaline Water Ionizer - One year warranty


All EOS DNA orders will ship in April!

EOS NEC901 TFT Replacement Cartridge Filter

Shipping Information
EOS NEC901 TFT Replacement Filter #1 In Stock

$69.99 $66.00

EOS NEC901 TFT LCD Replacement Filter #2  In Stock

$79.99 $74.00

EOS NEC901 TFT LCD Replacement Filter #1 & #2  Always In Stock


Shipping is FREE with USA orders over $100.00

EOS LYDIA Premium Cleaning Cartridge

The Cleaning Cartridge will clean the plates of the EOS Lydia Premium and is inserted in the filter #2 compartment. This is recommended for customers with hard water with scaling issues that may interfere with the Genesis performance. If you have hard water, you should use the cleaning cartridge once every six to nine months.

Cleaning Cartridge Instructions:

1) Remove #2 filter from Genesis.
2) Insert cleaning cartridge.
3) Press the "on" button to run water on the "pure" water level for about 20 seconds or until you see white foam.
4) Press the "off' button to turn off water.
5) Let foam clean plates for about five minutes.
6) Run water for about five minutes until there is no more white foam.
7) Replace cleaning cartridge with your #2 filter.
The cleaning cartridge is one time use only.

Shipping Information



Shipping is FREE with USA orders over $100.00

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