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 Young Life Ionizer 7000

Discontinued Replaced by Young Life Ionizer 8100
Order Young Life Ionizer 7000 Cartridge Filters

We offer tradeins toward a new under sink ionizer. Give us a call.

Order Life Ionizer 7000 Replacement Cartridge Filters

  Uses of Alkaline Water         Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water        Uses of Acid Water

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Current LIFE Next Generation M-Series Ionizer Models:

$1,497.00 $1,997.00 $2,497.00 $2,997.00 $3,497.00 $3,997/$4,495
Life Ionizer Next Generation
MXL-5 plates
Life Ionizer Next Generation
MXL-7 plates
Life Ionizer Next Generation
MXL-9 plates
Life Ionizer Next Generation
MXL-11 plates
Life Ionizer Next Generation
MXL-13 plates
Life Ionizer LC-11
Life Ionizer

Looking for replacement filter for these previous LIFE Ionizer Models? Click on image or link below:

$1,497 $1,997 $2,497 $2,597 $2,997 $2,997 $3,497 $3,997
Life Ionizer 5100 AlkaFresh Mini Max Life Next Generation M7C Life Next Generation M7UC Life Next Generation M9C Life Next Generation M9UC Life Next Generation M11 Life Next Generation M11UC LIFE Ionizer LC-11
Life Ionizer 5100 Life Ionizer 5000 Life Ionizer 7000 Life Ionizer 7600 Life Ionizer 7700   Life Ionizer 7700UC Life Ionizer 8100 Life Ionizer 9000 Life Ionizer 9100 Life Ionizer 9200

The Life Ionizer 7000 is one of the latest addition to our lineup of great water ionizers. Like the Life Ionizer 5000 it is suited for a small family due to its 3 gallon limitation, but if your family is small and want an elegant under sink model then you would do very well with the Life Ionizer 7000 instead of spending $500.00 more on the Life Ionizer 8000.

It has unique, and cutting edge features that many customers have been seeking. It comes with an innovative under sink main body and countertop spout which lets you get both alkaline and acid water through separate outlets. Other under sink models only provide alkaline water at the sink and then channels the acid water to the cold water run off drain under the sink where it cannot be accessed. We love the design of this system and we believe that you will to. If you do not need to have super acid water, but you would like to have the highest quality alkaline water then you should consider getting the Life Ionizer 7000. Furthermore if you just can't afford to give up any space in your kitchen and you want a truly top of the line water ionizer that does not cost $4,000.00, then the Life Ionizer 7000 is definitely the system for you. It has a sleek look that will impress your neighbors. The manufacturer promises the highest ph and negative ORP of any water ionizer. We feel that Life Ionizers have earned a place in our store as a water ionizer to contend with. It comes with dual built in filters which pre-filters the water in what represents 12 stages of filtration, and in addition the price you pay also includes an additional pre-filter which may also extend the life of the Life Ionizer 7000 twin filters. If you are concerned about quality and workmanship seeing that this is a new system, have no fear because both the Life Ionizer 5000 and 7000 comes with a full 5 year manufacturers warranty.   

  • High pH and High ORP depending on water quality and flow rate

  • Twin Filters

  • Five (5) Year Warranty

  • $200 Bonus Package

  • Free Shipping

  • Free Water Report (Typical Municipal Water Report)

  • Free Carbon Pre-Filter ( extends life of machine filters )

  • Free Pre-Filter Housing

  • Produce strong anti-oxidant water which can exceed -850 mV

  • Platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

  • Device has been designed and built with 12 steps of purification. (Patent obtained)

  • Functions are activated or utilized easily by one-touch controls.

Life Ionizer 7000 under the counter water ionization system is ideal for drinking water, cooking, and replacing expensive and often unhealthy bottled water with living, healthy ionized water for every day use.

The benefits of ionized water are clear:

  • Reverses the damaged caused by acidification of our bodies

  • Improves hydration though decreased cluster size

  • Increases oxygen/hydrogen angle oxygenates the body

  • Attributed to reduce blood pressure

  • Improves blood sugar levels in diabetics

  • Eases hypertension

  • Read Further studies by linking to our References Section

With this full-featured under the counter model, ionized water for your home or office is now affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyday use.

  • Unique double spouted faucet provides access to both acidic and alkaline water simultaneously

  • Faucet controls include filter-life indicator, on-off, pH levels and cleaning function buttons

  • Platinized titanium electrolysis plates

  • Device has been designed and built with 12 steps of purification. (Patent obtained)

  • Analyzes the condition of the filter using its built-in sensor that utilizes digital circuitry. The filter condition is displayed at all times and a voice-supported warning message notifies users. (Patent obtained)

  • Functions are activated or utilized easily by one-touch controls. (Patent obtained).

Life Ionizer 7000 Product Specification

Product Name Life Ionizer LI 7000
Water supply method Countertop: Direct link to tap water
Dimensions in inches/mm 12.5 x 13.3 x 5.5 inches or 320x340x140(WxHxD)
Weight in (lbs/kg) 14.3 lbs / 6.5Kg
Water pressure available 0.7~6.0kgf/
Temperature available 5C~35C 41F to 95F Do not use hot water
Overheat-prevention device Two built-in temp. sensor (auto reset)
Electrodes Information
Electrolysis method Continuous
Water Creation capacity 2.5 l/min. or .66gal/min (at water pressure of 2kgf/) included alkaline water and acidic water
Electrolysis Stage 4 steps for alkaline water with 4 corresponding acidic levels
Electrolytic cleaning Auto washing (time: about 30 sec., amount of supplied water: about 0.8liter or .21 gallons)
Electrode Type Platinized titanium
Purification Method
Water Filtration Dual Cartridge filters
Replacement Filter life The first will last about 8 months (620 gallons) and the second 12 months (920 gallons) at 2.5 gallons of use a day.
Filter Life Indicator Displayed on LCD screen
Replacement Filter Material Nonwoven, pp filter, GAC, silver-added active carbon, calcium sulfite, block carbon, U/F membrane filter (Optional)
Operation indication Sound and text display
Water inflow control Installed as a supplementary
KFDA: Korea Food & Drug Administration Medical Device Item Approval KFDA No. 889
Item Approval No. 04-1039
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturers warranty


Minimizing cluster size of water molecules Water molecules are unique due to the fact that one side of the molecule is positive charged and the opposite side is negative charged, therefore water molecules have a tendency to cluster like grapes on a vine. If the size of cluster is smaller, it means better performance on infiltrating into and detoxifying out of cells. Life Ionizers reduce the cluster size using the most advanced technology.

Life Ionizers says this unit can make water with up to -851mV  
I will not question this claim but I always find it unusual that you always read about results like this but never see it on video. I have no doubt that the Life Ionizer can produce high ORP, but the thing I am concerned with is selling water ionizers like they are cars that is better depending on the number of cylinders they have. There is no known study showing that water with ORP of less than than -400 (eg. -800) is better or healthier than water with ORP of more than -400 (eg. -238). Yet big ORP numbers are being used to sell water ionizers like cars.  Both ORP and pH are partly determined by the source water and flow rate of the water as it goes over the plates. Most people have never tasted water with this level of ORP, but it doesn't taste normal. Alkaline water that is great for drinking is usually between -200 and -400 and pH between 8.5 and 9.5 which tastes great and is very healthy. Neither tap, distilled or reverse osmosis water come close to this.  Please notice the negative ORP value of the water used in the hospital in Japan as seen in the news video. It shows a -238mv which was more than adequate to bring about beneficial results. Please call us for more information.

Artificial intelligence sensor system:
When the Life Ionizer is in washing or draining modes both voice-recorded and text-based messages are brought up on LCD screen. It also defends itself in case of electrical power surge or other situations involved with operation failure in electronic circuits. (patent obtained)

Specially devised, high quality 6 Stage filter
Life Ionizers have the most comprehensive pre-filters available on the market today. Each unit has two built in filters totaling 12 stages of filtration/treatment.

Life Ionizer Filter Analysis




1 Pre-Filter Relatively large contaminants such as sand, dirt, residue are removed prevents Special Block Carbon Filter from being contaminated
2 Special block carbon filter Removes unpleasant taste and odors, residual chlorine, environmental hormones which easily dissolves into water and trihalomethanes
3 Poly-Ethylene Filter Removes microscopic and contaminated substances that could not be removed from the previous filtering process
4 Active Carbon Filter 14.3 lbs / 6.5Kg
5 CaS03 H20 Adds alkaline minerals
6 Silver-Added Active Carbon Preserves the beneficial alkaline minerals and removes unpleasant taste and odor from water.
LI 7000: Under the Counter Model

One of a Kind Under the Counter Model with Multi-Function Faucet Unlike other products on the market, the LI 7000 is designed as a countertop. All of the ionizer functions are activated or utilized easily by one-touch control built into the faucet body. The possible adjustments that can be made include on-off, change alkalinity level, manual cleaning and check the filter life indicator. (patent obtained)

Self Cleaning Function

To make L-7000 perform better, we have changed the Self-cleaning function of the L-7000
For every 10 liters of water that passes thru the system, the L-7000 enters self-cleaning mode when turning off the system. While the system is on even after 10 liters of water passed thru the system, the self-cleaning function does not start. In case of present L-7000 system self-cleaning mode, water does not come out from the faucet when the water supply to the system is cut.

New in 2007 - self-cleaning function of Life 7000
Now, while the system is in the self-cleaning mode, water comes out from the faucet for several seconds even though the water supply to the system is cut. The process is designed to store more densified acidic ionized water in the electrolysis chamber so that electrodes will be cleaned more efficiently.


Life Ionizer 7000 Alkaline Water Ionizer

We offer trade in toward a new undersink ionizer

Life Ionizer 7000 Replacement Cartridge Filter

Shipping Information

Life Ionizer 7000 Replacement Filter #1


Life Ionizer 7000 Replacement Filter #2




5 Micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter *


Life Super Filter


Life Anti-scale Carbon block filter


Life Heavy Metal/Fluoride Filter (100F)


* If you may have a double or triple pre-filter system, please call us before ordering

Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge

Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge for LIFE 7000 - details



Ionizer Hoses/Tubing


Over time crud build up can take place in the plastic hoses which carry tap water to your ionizer and acid water from your ionizer. Many of our customers complain about this, so we have made it easy for you to change your hose and get brand new ones. 

4 foot input (faucet to ionizer) hose for LIFE ionizer


4 foot output (acid water runoff) hose for LIFE ionizer



  Uses of Alkaline Water         Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water        Uses of Acid Water

What is Microwater?  Research Articles   Experts Comments   Testimonials   Alkaline Books   Alkaline Videos 

Current LIFE Next Generation Series Ionizer Models:

$1,497 $1,997 $2,497 $2,597 $2,997 $2,997 $3,497 $3,997
Life Ionizer 5100 AlkaFresh Mini Max Life Next Generation M7C Life Next Generation M7UC Life Next Generation M9C Life Next Generation M9UC Life Next Generation M11 Life Next Generation M11UC LIFE Ionizer LC-11

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