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Want to get started on testing your Kangen or Alkaline ionized water?
The PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit from American Marine contains all the necessary components for the successful, hassle free,  and accurate measurement of Kangen /Alkaline / Ionized water and other liquids. The ORP / (REDOX) Oxidation Reduction Potential reading is one of the most important benchmarks of judging the strength and potency of Kangen water (also called Microwater or Alkaline ionized water). A positive number suggests a state of decay or corrosion, referred to as oxidation. Recreational pool managers use the PINPOINT ORP Monitor to look for a high positive ORP number to judge how much chlorine to add to the pool since the higher ORP number is an indicator of how effective living organisms such as germs and bacteria can be expected to die off. Humans are living organism as well and when we ingest liquids with high positive ORP levels an exhilarated aging process is the result. On the other hand a low ORP reading suggest a preserving effect or an anti-aging effect due to the abundance of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body which would otherwise cause our tissues and organs to age. It is our opinion that when you drink Kangen water (also called Microwater or Alkaline ionized water) with negative ORP levels of -300 to - 500 or even less you are doing a world of benefit to your entire body. 

The PINPOINT® ORP Meter is a full range instrument, capable of measurement from -2,000 to +2,000. It has been engineered for the specific low negative ORP measurement range needed to measure ionized water by utilizing proprietary UltraPure Platinum® probe technology.

It makes no sense buying a ORP Meter without the accessories needed to properly maintain it so you get accurate readings. Keep a supply of these items on hand. This is why this kit is so handy.

PINPOINT® 400 mV Calibration Fluid should be used to occasionally verify the meter/probe accuracy and condition. Always be sure to have some on hand. Probe Storage Fluid should be placed inside the storage bottle to approximately halfway capacity. This will keep the response of the probe very fast and crisp. Please read the PINPOINT ORP User's Guide below for complete detailed instructions on how to calibrate your ORP Meter.


The PINPOINT® Cleaning/Polishing Strip is used to recondition the jewelry grade platinum probe tip to properly read low negative ORP values. This will be the only method to condition the probe tip without destroying the delicate platinum surface. Cleaning/Polishing strips can be reused. If the ionizer readings are not as you predicted, a 5 second cleaning with the strip is all you need.


Storage Fluid should be placed inside the storage bottle to approximately halfway capacity. This will keep the response of the probe very fast and crisp.



PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit includes:
ORP/REDOX Monitor and Probe
Calibration Fluid (2 pouches)
Storage Fluid
Cleaning/Polishing Strip
Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included)

Range ................ –2,000mV to +2,000mV
Body.................. Polycarbonate body (12mmODx150mm)
Sensor................ UltraPure Platinum®
Reference ........... Sealed, gel-filled, double
external junctions
Temp. Range ................ 32°F-140°F, 0°C-60°C
Female BNC Connector connected to 10 foot
(3 meter) high suppression cable.

Download User's Guide

PINPOINT ORP (REDOX) Monitor User's Guide - PDF

NOTE: The ORP (REDOX) meter unit is NOT waterproof and must be operated on a dry surface. Liquid contact on the printed circuit board will cause corrosion and void warranty.

• PINPOINT ORP Monitor Set-up

Unwrap the protective plastic packaging from the PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor unit. Remove the battery cover on the back of the monitor and install a new 9-volt battery or the PINPOINT ® AC Adapter Kit. Use the pop-up stand on back and place meter on a flat, dry surface. Velcro can be used to mount the meter onto a vertical surface. Carefully remove the plastic storage bottle installed on the end of the electrode. Save the plastic storage bottle and fill half way with only pH/ORP probe storage fluid for future use. Rinse the end of the electrode briefly under lukewarm water. Attach the BNC Connector from the electrode onto the BNC input of the ORP meter. Turn the connector ¼ turn clockwise to lock the connector. Activate the unit by setting the power switch to the ON position. Your PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor is now ready for calibration.

PINPOINT ORP Monitor Calibration Instructions

Place the tip of the ORP (REDOX) Electrode into the PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) 400 Calibration Fluid and wait a few seconds for the measurement to stabilize. Adjust the calibration screw on the front of the monitor to read +400mV. Calibration should be checked monthly or when an unusual reading is observed. Do not reuse the calibration fluid.

• Alkaline/ Ionized/Kangen Water Measurement

High quality Ionized/Alkaline/Kangen water typically has ORP measurements in the –300 to –700 range. These levels suggests that the kangen water is if full of antioxidants. The UltraPure Platinum® tip of the probe should be occasionally cleaned/polished with the PINPOINT ® Polishing Strip for optimal negative ORP measurement. American Marine is an expert in ionized water ORP measurement. Please call 800-706-6121 if you have measurement or set-up questions. 

• Aquarium/Aquaculture Use

As with any lab quality ORP (REDOX) Electrode it is important to wait the full 24-36 hours before recording ORP values when continuously monitoring. During this period the electrode should “settle in” to the new environment. The PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Probe is widely considered to be superior lab grade and should be precisely calibrated to the PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Meter before initial installation. Clean the electrode occasionally (every 3-4 weeks) using a wet soft toothbrush with long bristles. Gently push the electrode tip down into the wet bristles and rotate the probe 3-4 times to remove algae and other particulate. PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) 400 Calibration Fluid also performs a thorough chemical cleaning of the platinum tip and the reference junctions during the calibration process. Typical readings in established, well-maintained saltwater systems should be in the 400- 450mV range. Maintenance should be increased if the range would fall to 300-325mV. Artificial oxidation agents like potassium permanganate or ozone gas should be monitored with a PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor to prevent overdose.

PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Electrode life expectancy is 18 months at which time the probe should be replaced. While calibration may be possible on an old probe, the probe’s ability to quickly react to changes in ORP (REDOX) value will be severely limited and therefore not adequate for measurement.

Important Points to Remember

PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor can be used as a precision continuous monitor or as a spot measurement instrument. The AC Adapter Kit is recommended for continuous use however a regular 9-volt battery can be successfully used until “LOBAT” is indicated on the display.

PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Meter is NOT waterproof and must be operated on a dry surface. Liquid contact with the printed circuit board will cause corrosion and void warranty.

• The plastic storage container must be removed from the tip of the probe so that ORP (REDOX) values can be measured.

• Calibrate the ORP (REDOX) Probe to the PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor by using PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) 400 Calibration Fluid. For best accuracy the calibration should be checked monthly or whenever an unusual reading is observed. Always use new 400mV fluid.

• If the probe is to be transported or stored, the plastic storage bottle should be filled halfway with PINPOINT® pH/ORP storage fluid. It is available from American Marine Inc. Damage or shortened probe life will occur if deionized/reverse osmosis, low pH water or ORP 400 Calibration fluid is used as storage fluid.

• Probe should be inserted about 1 inch into the liquid to be measured. Probe may be totally submerged if desired.

• Alkaline water produced by high quality water ionizers typically has negative ORP measurements in the –300 to –700 range. The platinum tip of the electrode should be polished as needed with the ORP Polishing Strip to successfully measure low negative ORP values.

• Replace the probe every 18 months for optimum performance.

• The PINPOINT ® ORP Electrode contains an internal glass rod and should be handled/transported with care. If the internal glass rod becomes damaged, a new replacement ORP electrode must be purchased.

PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor Warranty

PINPOINT ® ORP (REDOX) Monitor by American Marine Inc. is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of sale. Positive proof of purchase is required for warranty claim. Removal or alteration of the serial number will void warranty. American Marine Inc. will not be liable for any costs of removal, installation, transportation charges, or any other charges, which may result in connection with a warranty claim. American Marine Inc. will not be liable for any damage or wear to products or livestock caused by abnormal operating conditions, water damage, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alternation or repair or if the product was not installed in accordance with the printed operating instructions. Any defective product must be sent freight prepaid with appropriate documentation supporting the warranty claim. Replacement or repair will be at the discretion of American Marine Inc. Typical turnaround time within 48 hours. Overnight delivery available.


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American Marine PINPOINT ORP Meter


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