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All Replacement Cartridge Filters
IEC-8000 Filter Cartridge
Biostone .1 & .01 Filters
Pure Porte II filter
Panasonic PJ-A3AH Filter

IEC-8000 Filter

Kangen Water Filters

ND-145/155 NDF-01A Filter

Tyent Cartridge Filters

KYK/EOS Genesis Filters

KYK Harmony Cartridge Filters

Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridges
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Fluoride Prefilter
Calcite Mineral Filter
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water ionizer faucet diverter
Microwater ND Faucet Diverter

Pure Porte II Faucet Diverter

Jupiter Faucet Diverter

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Reverse Aging
Alkalize or Die
pH Miracle For Diabetes
Alkaline MicroWater Research

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Alkaline Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Test Kit
Fluoride/Chlorine Test Kit
pHion pH Test Stixs
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pHresh Portable Alkalizer Ionizer
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Rainshower CQ-1000
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Floatron Solar Pool Ionizer
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Multi-Pro 3800 Air Purifier
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Wein Personal Air Purifier
Wein AutoMate Car Air Filter
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pHion Alkaline Booster
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CELLFOOD Weight Loss
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Cellfood Oxygen Supplement
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Complete H2O Minerals
Complete H2O Minerals Balanced Life
Balanced Life
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Freeda Kosher Vitamins
Vitamin A & D
Vitamin B1 B2 B6 B12
Vitamin C
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Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1
Dr. Schulze's Formula 1
pHion Colon Cleanze
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Dr. Schulze's Echinacea PlusHerb Pharm Extract
Dr. Schulze Echinacea
Super Echinacea
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Dr. Schulze's Superfood

Dr. Schulze's Superfood
pHion Green - Superfood
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Rich MSM Powder
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DentaCare Mouth Wash
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Acupeds Detox Foot Pads

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GoodLife Water Bottles
The best water bottles available

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100% BPA-free, non-leaching & toxin-free
Unique Dual walls with vacuum-seal cap keeps liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hours!
High-quality food grade 18/304 stainless steel
Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles
Stylish custom design & craftsmanship
Durable, lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable


  Toxin Free 100% Recyclable ECO-Friendly Great idea!

Good Life contemporary drink ware is handcrafted with quality, precision and care. No stones were left unturned in producing these appealing and beautiful water bottles.  They are made by utilizing only the highest grade 18/304 stainless steel and 100% BPA free plastic.

We use 100% non-toxic, lead-free paint (mostly comprised of water) to ensure a family safe product. We believe there is no option but to use the finest materials when it comes to family health.

Our bottles unique patented duel wall design, combined with its proprietary vacuum seal cap is the secret behind Good Life’s amazing ability to keep liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hours! The liquids always stay fresh & clean and won't leave a funny after taste in the bottle. We've tested our bottles under extreme conditions and the Good Life bottle always surpasses our expectations! The unique shape and craftsmanship of the bottle provides you with quality, durability & style. Whether you are hiking, biking or walking the streets the GoodLife bottle is a safe, functional and always healthy companion for you, your family and the environment.

The GoodLife contemporary drink ware brand was created in an effort to provide healthy alternatives to existing toxin leaching aluminum & plastic bottles. Our recyclable stainless steel products are not only healthy for you, but also for Earth's precious eco-system. By purchasing a GoodLife bottle you are helping to save the planet by utilizing a product that is made from 100% recyclable materials, has no BPA's or harmful toxins and helps to rid the world of unnecessary plastic water bottles.

Production of the 29 billion polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles used in the United States (about one bottle per person every four days) requires nearly 900,000 tons of the plastic, the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of crude oil annually. But that is just the cost of the bottles. There are additional costs in the production of bottled water.

The Pacific Institute estimates that "the energy used for pumping and processing, transportation, and refrigeration, brings the annual fossil fuel footprint of bottled water consumption in the United States to more than 50 million barrels of oil, equivalent-enough to run 3 million cars for one year." There are other hidden costs of getting bottled water to the shelves. The processing of bottled water not only uses oil, but also uses water and adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Every liter sold actually represents three liters of water because manufacturing the PET plastic uses two times the amount of water that each bottle will hold. Transporting it to the user, who could be on another continent, cooling it in grocery stores and home refrigerators, and recovering, recycling or discarding the empty bottles uses even more energy. The Pacific Institute estimates that "the total amount of energy embedded in our use of bottled water can be as high as the equivalent of filling a plastic bottle one quarter full with oil." Every ton of PET plastic produced releases around three tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The bottled water industry added more than 2.7 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in 2008, if the Pacific Institute's numbers are accurate; and even more in 2009 considering the growth of the industry. At the end of the chain is disposal of the bottles (only 15 percent of which are recycled), which also consumes both energy and water. A large portion of the remaining 85 percent sadly winds up in landfills.

There, the bottles sit and are almost totally resistant to microbial attack. A plastic bottle is inert; it does not degrade easily and can take up to 1,000 years to break down. Taking 100 million-year-old oil out of the ground to make landfills makes neither economic nor ecological sense.

Plastic Bottle Facts

-Out of the 50 billion bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill - that’s 40 billion unrecycled water bottles, wonder how many end up in our oceans?

-Because plastic does not fully biodegrade, waste patches have been contaminating our oceans, the largest of which is now called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and is now the size of Texas and growing!

-17 million barrels of oil are used in producing bottled water each year

-Drinking bottled water costs much more than purchasing a reusable GoodLife bottle guaranteed to last a lifetime

-Plastic leaches toxins into the water, which have been linked to health problems such as reproductive issues and even cancer

-Given the current environmental and economic situations at hand, it is important now more than ever not waste money on harmful plastic products, the consumption of which has become a worldwide epidemic.

-Recyclable stainless steel water bottles give us an excellent solution to the non-sustainable habit we have created during recent years.


GoodLife Travel Water Bottle

GoodLife bottles are the perfect & most eco-friendly way to carry your alkaline water anywhere you go. These state of the art drinking bottles are handcrafted with precision and care. The bottles are manufactured utilizing only the highest grade 18/304 stainless steel and 100% BPA free plastic to ensure there will be no leaching toxins or funny aftertastes. The Venture GoodLife bottle features:

Shipping Information

GoodLife Traveler 500mL - Stainless Steel


GoodLife Traveler 500mL - Pink


GoodLife Traveler 500mL - Cooper


GoodLife Traveler 500mL - Purple


GoodLife Traveler 1000mL - Stainless Steel


Out of Stock
GoodLife Traveler 1000mL - Red


Out of Stock
GoodLife Traveler 1000mL - Cooper


Out of Stock

GoodLife Traveler 1000mL - Purple


Out of Stock

Shipping is free for orders over $100.00 in the USA

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