Advanced Wellness Magnet Therapy Kit The Ultimate First Aide Kit

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BioMagnet Wellness Kit Includes:
• 6 Power Wafers for Sternum or CVS Therapy and Pain Relief.
• 4 Regular BioMagnets for Meridian Energizing, Circuit Therapy.
• 2 Super BioMagnets for Deep Tissue Therapy & Serious Illness
• Self Grip Ace-Type Bandage for applications
• 2 Water Jar Energizers for home and travel
• BAO - BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen
Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism
• Full Pictorial Advanced Therapy Guide

BioMagnetism FAQScience of Magnets for Health  | BioMagnet Healing Testimonials

BioMagnet Therapy May Help Support Fast Results Like

•Immediately increase the body's immune functions
•Reset and balance the body’s chemistry
•Balance the nervous system for supportive healing
•Regenerate nerves, connective tissue, joints & broken bones
•Support resolution of acute, chronic & serious conditions
•Acute Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Back Trauma
•Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•Migraines, headaches, toothaches
•Stings, Bites, Burns
•Arthritis, joint pain
•Wellness, Longevity & Health


The Wellness Kit has helped people all over the world to overcome serious health conditions and maintain good health. It is a complete package of all three sizes of our Rare Earth BioMagnets so that all the advanced therapies developed by The Foundation for Magnetic Science can be employed by anyone.

The Wellness Kit has everything: an award winning instruction book, pictorial instructions on all the advanced circuit therapies, water jar energizers to properly energize water to increase your body’s Zeta potential - the energy responsible for good health and an excellent activated oxygen product that has shown to support energy and metabolism so important in wellness.

People Report Relief from all types of Pain and Swelling like:

• Back, Neck, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Wrist, Ankle, Foot, Carpel Tunnel, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Toothache
• Headache, Sinus Pain and Migraines
• Menstrual Cramps / Menopausal Fatigue
• Acid Indigestion
• Painless Recovery from Broken Bones
• Immediate Energy Increase
• Reverses Free Radical activity
• Revitalizes your Metabolism
• Improves Circulation & Cellular Vitality

Description of BioMagnet Therapy Wellness Kit Contents:

Certified Power Wafers
For general therapy, size of a dime, lightweight, very powerful and easy to apply. Excellent for all areas of pain such as headaches, toothaches, foot therapy, any localized injury and Daytime, CVS placement (back of neck) and Nightime and Overnight Meridian Energy therapies. Is generally used as a 2-Stack by placing on both sides of a band aid or by attaching one inside clothing and one outside of the clothing over the location. The 2-Stack has a deep penetrating energy. Available in both the Wellness Kit and Pain Relief Kit or sold separately by volume. +2000 True Surface Gauss, 12,800 core gauss each.

Certified Regular Biomagnets
Used for daily Meridian Energizing, advanced therapies and/or chronic illness. Nickel-sized and 1/4th inch thick, each Regular BioMagnet has 2750 True Surface Gauss, 12,800 core gauss. Available in the Wellness Kit or sold separately as a pair.

Certified Super Biomagnets
Our most powerful BioMagnet and the most powerful Super BioMagnet available in the marketplace. Important for very deep tissue therapy, large bone, joint circuit therapy and chronic deep seated illnesses. Each Super Biomagnet has 3500 True Surface Gauss, 12,800 core gauss, and is approximately the size of a quarter and a half an inch thick. Available in the Wellness Kit or sold separately in pairs.

Certified Water Jar Energizer Magnets
Third party research indicates that magnetized water helps to support the body to:

•Prevent Toxin and Chemical Build-up in the Body
•Decrease Sodium Levels
•Prevent Premature Aging
•Reduce Free Radicals
•Reduce Acidosis
•Improve Kidney and Memory Functions
•Slow down Alzheimer’s

In his book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetism, Peter Kulish devotes a chapter to explaining the benefits of magnetized water such as increasing your hydrogen values for increased health.

Simply attach to the outside of a water container and within minutes you will have delicious magnetized water. A practical, inexpensive way of creating negatively charged water. Available in Wellness Kit or sold separately in pairs.

BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen
Bottle: 2 fluid ounces provide a one to two month supply of Activated Oxygen. One of the safest, most available forms of oxygen in liquid form for use in drinking water; oxygen is the most essential ingredient of the body and is utilized in therapies for maintenance of health and vitality or illness. Activated Oxygen has shown to be highly supportive in overcoming colds and viruses. Activated Oxygen is used in many of BiomagScience’s health protocols. Available in Wellness Kit or may be ordered separately.

Conquering Pain The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism
Award winning therapy book with indexed therapies for pain and more than 170 acute, chronic and very basic health problems; backed by several decades of research, design and scientific development throughout the world. Shows the body’s polarities, how to apply specialized circuit therapies, nerve, tissue and bone regeneration and the what, how, and why BioMagnetism is one of the most important energy medicines of our contemporary time.

What Users Say

• “After Meridian Energizing Therapy my son's severe asthma went away.” A.S.
• “My nine-year-old son was an epileptic with grand mal seizures. Since using BiomagScience BioMagnets he has never had another seizure.” E.L.M.T.
• “After using BiomagScience BioMagnets I canceled my hip replacement surgery and within one month, I was swimming more than a mile a day!” J.H.
• “I had Coronary Thrombosis but couldn't afford the operation. After using the BiomagScience BioMagnets for six months my heart was healed. I had two astonished practitioners confirm this. Now I walk long distances without a cane. Amazingly, the BioMagnets also got rid of my arthritis." A.A.

Learn more on how to use bioMagnets from the book:

Conquering PAIN
The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism

by Peter Kulish

Advanced Wellness Magnet Therapy Kit

BioMagnet Wellness Kit Includes:
• 6 Power Wafers for Sternum or CVS Therapy and Pain Relief.
• 4 Regular BioMagnets for Meridian Energizing, Circuit Therapy.
• 2 Super BioMagnets for Deep Tissue Therapy & Serious Illness
• Self Grip Ace-Type Bandage for applications
• 2 Water Jar Energizers for home and travel
• BAO - BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen
• Award-winning therapy book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism
• Full Pictorial Advanced Therapy Guide

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Advanced Wellness Magnet Therapy Kit $179.95

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BioMagnetism FAQ | Which Side of a BioMagnet to Use? | Science of Magnets for Health | BioMagnet Healing Testimonials

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 Conquering PAIN
The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism

by Peter Kulish

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