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"My Earache Vanished" | Clinical Tests | Current Earache Treatments |Testimonials

If you have children then chances are that you are very familiar with ear infections and you know how worrisome they can be especially to parents who do not want to go to the emergency room and do not want to start their children down the ridiculous road of antibiotics. This is why we are so pleased to have the most efficient all natural and non invasive solution to ear ache and ear infection that we know about, the Eardoc. Even if you don't have children, you should keep the Eardoc in your first aid kit. Take it with you on airline trips or if you swim in a pool or at sea. When ear pain strikes you will be ready to administer fast relief.   

What is Eardoc?
The Eardoc transmits vibration waves which travel through the bone to the middle ear and open the Eustachian tube allowing trapped fluids to drain thereby easing the pressure which causes ear pain. This is just amazing that no one had ever thought about this simple solution before. The Eardoc is truly heaven sent.

The EARDOC is a safe and simple treatment for:
• Ear Infections (Otitis Media
• Middle Ear Fluid (trapped fluids and gas)
• Hearing Loss
• Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
• Ear Pain Caused by pressure from Air Travel
• Ear Fullness Caused by Colds, Sinusitis or Allegies


My Earache Vanished
This article was published by the Central Committee of the Israeli Medical Association

For years, eleven-year-old Lee Jorbin suffered with chronic, painful earache. Recently, she began using a new Israeli device, EARDOC, which releases air and fluids trapped inside the ear rapidly curing inflammation. All her life, eleven-year-old Lee Jorbin suffered form earache. “In summer, remembers her mother Danit, “it was because she went swimming. In winter, colds and viruses brought it on. Every few weeks an earache erupted and Lee would stop normal activities, including school, and lie at home in pain, waiting for the storm to blow over”. Long-term antibiotic treatment, ear rinses and other treatments failed to stop the inflammation. A new Israeli device called EARDOC has improved the quality of Lee's life. “EARDOC has completely changed my child's life”, says her mother, “she uses it at when the first symptoms of earache appear, and in minutes she has relief. The device is lightweight and easy to use, so she can take it to school. If she has an earache, she sits down and uses it, and after a few minutes, the pain has gone. It's unbelievable”.

EARDOC is the brainchild of Dr. Aviv Hirschbin, a radiologist and expert in driving medicine, who together with businessman Amir Portat invented the device. “Two things inspired me to invent it”, recalls Dr. Hirschbin, “the first was my distress at seeing my son, Itai, suffering repeated earaches. The second was my close observation of divers and the fact that 70% of them suffer from inflammation of the ear. As a father, I was frustrated when I tried to help Itai. I would hold him and try to soothe him, but nothing helped. He screamed with this horrible earache. No medicine offered immediate relief, so for the first 24 hours, my child, like divers and people who experience unequal air pressure when flying, had no treatment to help him. This sparked my search for a noninvasive, non-drug solution which would provide instant relief”.

Dr. Hirschbein applied his mediacl knowledge and began studying ear inflammation. “Inflammation” he explained, is due to blockage between the middle ear and the mouth. The external ear canal ends at the eardrum, behind which lie the ear bones whose job is to transmit the eardrum vibration to the inner ear. The middle ear cavity drains into the oral cavity through a narrow channel called the Eustachian tube. The purpose of the canal is to equalize pressure between the two sides of the eardrum and to drain fluid and mucus secretions, into the cavity. “A body cavity that cannot drain itself is a source of infection. It is the same with the ear canal: blockage leads to inflammation causing severe pain and discomfort, mainly in children, which impairs hearing and affects the quality of life. Inflammation and edema of the mucus membrane of the middle ear are the main reason for blockage of the Eustachian tube and the build up of fluids and air in the middle ear cavity. Pressure in the middle ear cavity increasingly forces the eardrum outwards, often causing strong pain, dizziness and lack of stability”.

The popular treatment is surgery to insert grommets, which involves making small holes in the eardrum. However, this places the patient at risk of infection and only works in 2%-5% of cases. A further option is medication, though as mentioned before, this does not provide instant relief and will not solve the problem in the long-term. “The device we invented”, explained Dr. Hirschbin “creates special vibrations, which conform especially to the structure of the middle ear. Pulses are transmitted by the bone and base of the inner ear, causing the obstructed canal to vibrate, opening it immediately. Accumulated air and fluids causing the inflammation can be released through the tube to relieve pressure on the eardrum. The patient places the device next to the outer ear. The device is constructed so that part of it presses against the ear bone. The vibration released when EARDOC is switched on forces the fluids out and drains them”. EARDOC has been tested on 2,000 children and adults in Israel and the United States, and according to its inventors, most report instant relief.

Dr. Dahlia Borner, a pediatrician in the Israeli health service, reports that a certain percentage of children develop recurring agonizing ear infections “The pus cannot be drained”, she explains, “and leads to tearing of the eardrum. Pediatricians are helpless since antibiotic treatment is not always effective and other treatments do not provide immediate and long-term relief”. Having tried EARDOC with her parents, she reports that “it provides instant relief”. “I welcome the invention and recommend using it. The vibrations open the canal and let the fluids out immediately”.

The device is used when sitting or lying since the vibrations can cause loss of balance and dizziness when standing. It is applied for 2-4 minutes several times daily, as required and to ensure the canal stays open. It can also be used when flying. Note that EARDOC is not suitable for children under two. “EARDOC's action means that in cases, patients no longer require medication”, explains Dr. Hirschbin, “In other cases, it can help medication to be absorbed by reducing the edema”.

This article was published by the Central Committee of the Israeli Medical Association

"My Earache Vanished" | Clinical Tests |Top of page| Current Earache Treatments |Testimonials

What Kind of Tests Were Performed on the EARDOC?      

  • Clinical Test - The Eardoc was tested at Szeged University, a top medical university in Europe. The test was performed with a Tympanometer on 40 patients over six weeks, it showed with no doubt that the Eardoc opens the eustachian tube and relieves the pain.

  • Users Satisfaction – A survey was conducted on the Eardoc users using an online survey with the following results:

  • 94% Reported that the Pain was Relieved or Eliminated

  • 94.3% Would Use the Eardoc in the Future if They Suffered from Ear Pain

Understanding Current Treatments for ear infections:
Of all the treatments for earache available we feel that the Eardoc is simply the best.

There are a few treatments that can be considered for ear infections. Some are natural and some are drugs and antibiotics. When starting a treatment, make sure the treatment is for the problem and not the symptoms. Many antibiotics treat symptoms (and act like pain killers) instead of taking care of the problem in the ear infection – the fluids and air accumulated in the middle ear. Taking the pain away does not mean that the problem will be solved, and the result can be recurring infections. Depending on its origin and severity, Ear Doc may resolve the underlying cause of an ear infection (pressure or fluid build-up) and allow it to heal without the need for medication or other treatment.

Recently, the AAP (the American Academy of Pediatrics have issued new guidelines regarding diagnosis, treatment and parental care of ear infections. The main conclusions drawn from these guidelines is that “Watch & wait” is recommended before taking any antibiotics. Take the time, breath deeply, and, even if your kid is suffering, wait for 48-72hours before you start antibiotics. This is the period you would be glad you had the EARDoc in your medicine chest. Also suggested on the guidelines is to keep track of vaccines schedules (flu shots and prevnar13 in particular). Want to know more? A great article posted online by the Huffington Poast summarizes these new and improved guidelines for treatment of ear infections.

Among the possible treatments used in a holistic approach to treatment are a variety of natural oils & extracts (such as garlic oil and onion oil) and herbal teas, i. Also recommended are treatments that can effectively drain the fluids from the middle ear.
Eardoc – the best solution to treat an ear infection and relieve ear pain

Because proper Eardoc use often effectively results in resolution of fluid and/or pressure build up in the middle ear, it provides:
• Alternative to ear tube surgery
• Immediate ear pain relief
• Suitable treatment for both children and adults.

Eardoc is a non-invasive approved medical device for middle ear infection (Otitis media) treatment and other conditions involving ear pain in children and adults.

Swimmer’s Ear
relieves the pain associated with swimmer’s ear. It works quickly to eliminate fluid build-up from the canal allowing the ear to heal naturally without the discomfort of an earache.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the skin along the outer ear canal, the tube leading from the outside opening of the ear to the ear drum. The infection is caused by bacteria that grows due to moisture trapped in the ear canal from baths, showers, swimming or moist environments. Symptoms begin with an itchy ear that intensifies to pain which occurs when yawning, swallowing or touching the ear.

Other symptoms may include any of the following:

Sensation that the ear is blocked or full
Fluid/puss draining from ear
Decreased hearing
Intense pain that may spread to the neck, face, or side of the head
Swollen lymph nodes around the ear or in the upper neck.
Redness and swelling of the skin around the ear

Pressure Related Ear Pain
relieves the pain and ear discomfort associated with air travel, scuba diving and any activity where one would experience altitude changes. When placed behind the ear, the Eardoc’s gentle vibrations open up the Eustachian tubes allowing the air pressure to equalize.

When flying it’s possible to experience pain due to the dramatic difference in air pressure on either side of the ear drum which causes the eardrum to retract inward making it tense. The changes in altitude and resulting changes in air pressure within the airplane cabin can prove particularly bothersome to individuals with narrow Eustachian tubes, a cold, allergies or anything else that can cause blockage to the Eustachian tube.

Symptoms may be:
Ear discomfort
Feeling of fullness in the ear
Muffled hearing
Ringing or buzzing in the ear
Intermittent sharp pain
Difficulty popping the ear

"My Earache Vanished" | Clinical Tests |Top of page| Current Earache Treatments |Testimonials

EarDoc Testimonials

Vertigo Testimonial



Written EARDOC Testimonials

Unclogged My Ears When Nothing Else Worked!

I purchased an Eardoc after a long search for relief from my two stuffy ears. Infections in both caused my normal hearing to be at about 10% -- I could barely hear! I was taking antibiotics for the infections and was feeling better, but after almost two weeks my ears were still stuffed. My doctor told me I'd just have to be patient.

I'm not a very patient person, so I searched for help. I tried drinking tabasco sauce, I tried laying on a sock full of salt; I tried every crazy idea I could find.

Then I found the Eardoc. I turned it on and held it behind my ear for five minutes on each ear. I used it again a few hours later and that's when I heard some crackling in one of my ears. I used it one more time before bed and when I woke up the next morning one of me ears had cleared and there was a lot of crackling in the other! I used the Eardoc a few more times that day and by that both my ears were back to normal.

To use the Eardoc, you hold it against your head just behind your ear. It vibrates and sends sonic waves through the bone that wiggle open the blocked Eustachian tube. It really works! Now any time I feel something funny going on with my ears – an ear infection. I wish I had one of these when my kids were young and always getting ear infections.


So Far, So Good

I've had longstanding problems with Eustachian tube disfunction from allergies and ear infections. Yesterday I purchased an Eardoc and I used it for the first time an hour ago. I definitely felt things opening up in my ear, and the feeling of fullness has lessened. So far, so good. - LW


No Ear Infections Since EARDOC

I use the Eardoc on my 2 year old son. One of his ears fills up with fluid almost daily. I check his fluid levels every day and use the Eardoc accordingly. In conjunction with mullen oil (few drops every day) he hasn't had any ear infections since the use of Eardoc. I absolutely love this product!!!


EARDOC Relieves the Pain of Ear Infections

I wanted to let you know that after using the Eardoc device in my practice over the past 60 days, I am sold on it! I have had dozens of opportunities to treat pediatric patients suffering with acute otitis media and see the results. The Eardoc gives an effective treatment for relieving the pain of ear infections and has shown an average reduction fo two days in acute otitis media. Your device has been a little miracle for my peiatric patients! They are often curious enough to hold the Eardoc to their ear on their own the first time. After the first use, they actually like using it!

As a child, I suffered with chronic middle ear infections and I understand exactly how my “little patients” are suffering. I am very pleased that I have the Eardoc and can get them relief faster than a course of antibiotics. The Eardoc is now a routine recommendation that I make to parents, because I think that every parent should have this technology at home! Warmest Regards, Dr. Truhlar Elan Wellness Aurora, IL


Thanks for Such a Great Product

I was so excited when it came in the mail. I have had problems with blocked tubes in my ears for quite a few years now. The constant popping and pressure was enough to drive anyone crazy. I went to the clinic a couple of times complaining about my ears. They told me to take a sinus medication for a few days and gave me a nasal spray to take twice a day. Well all the nasal spray did was make my nose bleed, so I gave up on that solution. I even asked a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist why my ears would constantly be popping. The response I got from her was “maybe your ears are draining”, so I replied OK but 24/7? One day I was watching the TV show The Doctors and they showed the Eardoc and explained how it works. I was quite intrigued by this product, I waited a couple of weeks and decided to order one as my hearing was getting so sensitive that I was having to wear ear plugs at work almost the whole day. Well I tried the Eardoc a couple of times on Friday night and I noticed a difference right away. I have been using it a few times a day and already my ears are not popping as loudly as before and the sensitivity of my hearing is almost back to normal. I wish I had known about this product years ago. I will continue using it and will recommend it to all the people I know that either have children or problems with their own ears. Thanks for such a great product. - Heather


This is a Miracle

It's so simple it's brilliant! I already have one Eardoc and just ordered my second one. This one is just insurance because as a person who suffers with plugged Eustachian tubes with loss of hearing and pressure buildup in the ear, this is a miracle. It's so simple it's brilliant. Thank you.


Feeling Better

I just got my Eardoc and I have to say, my ears feel a lot better!! - Karen


My Son is Now Hearing

We brought the Eardoc in May for our 6 and a half -year-old child; the situation of the left ear was severe, she did not hear anything in the left ear. We did not want to perform ear tube surgery and was looking for alternative solution. A friend had recommended the Eardoc and we started using it. Our child is still not hearing 100% but there was significant improvement, the S.R.T of the left ear was at the beginning 35%-40% and today it is 20%-25%. We are continuing to use the Eardoc and hope that in a short time our son will hear perfectly. The worker in the audiology institute was surprised and overwhelmed, I gladly gave her your details.

Ylena A happy mother

"My Earache Vanished" | Clinical Tests |Top of page| Current Earache Treatments |Testimonials

The EARDOC is a safe and simple treatment for:
• Ear Infections
• Middle Ear Fluid
• Otitis Media
• Hearing Loss
• Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
• Ear Pain Caused by Air Travel
• Ear Full ness Caused by Colds, Sinusitis or Allegies

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