Restructured Alkaline Water
The Best Water to Drink for Your Health.

By Dr. David S. Dyer 

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     One of the hottest and most controversial topics today is WATER. It seems that quite a few people and organizations are talking about it, and there is a lot of confusion concerning it. Water quality is one of the main concerns, but taste has a lot to do with it as well. A recent City of Winter Park Water Quality Report mentioned the possible health risk ďfor people that have undergone organ transplants, cancer patients on certain drugs, some elderly people, and infants, and people with HIV Aids or other immune systems disorders from drinking municipal water.Ē This warning comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is effective for all municipal water systems. Well, if this is the state of our public water systems, what is a person to do? Even with good health, I donít want to challenge my immune system every time I go to the tap for a drink of water. A recent research project using specially bred mice that have a weakened immune system had some astonishing results. One group of mice was given plain tap water resulting in an average life span of 235 days. A second group given restructured alkaline water had an average life span of 346 days. The restructured alkaline water significantly increased the second groupís life span and strengthened their immune system.

    In a previous article I talked about the importance of water to our body. This article will deal with restructured alkaline water and its potential benefits to a personís health. Restructured alkaline water may well be the best element or supplement you can put in your body! Did you know the Japanese have researched this subject for over forty years and have found that drinking restructured alkaline water can relieve or reduce the three main causes for sickness, disease and pre-mature aging? I will reveal these causes later but first letís talk about pH.

      It is difficult to tell you about all the possible benefits of this water without explaining pH. The pH (parts of hydrogen) of liquids or other mediums depends on the amount of hydrogen molecules present in the medium being measured. The pH is recorded with a number; the scale used is a logarithmic scale from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. A number below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. A log scale means that every sequential number change is a change often times the previous reading.

     So a change from a 6pH to a 5pH is 10 times more acid than a 6pH. A 4pH is 100 times more acid that a 6pH, and so on. Everyone knows that water is H20, meaning two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. What everyone doesnít know is, that by changing the covalent or weak bonds within the molecular structure of the water you can change the pH of that water. The best and most cost efficient way to accomplish this is using electrolysis.

     The Japanese research I spoke of earlier list acidosis, chronic cellular dehydration and free radicals as the leading causes of sickness, disease and pre-mature aging. Sounds simple doesnít it? Well it can be if you do the right things, after all the country of Japan is listed much higher on the World Health Organizationís health scale than the United States. Letís take one condition at a time and briefly explain it.


     Almost any health care provider, alternative or mainstream will agree, that most all health problems, including cancer, begin in an acid environment inside the body. Many lay people already know this. What most people donít know is that if your pH does drop below 5.8 you cannot absorb vitamins A, B, E, F and K. Nor can you absorb valuable minerals like sulphur, potassium, calcium, vanadium, chromium, iron or zinc, no matter how much of these minerals you take. Think about it, you might be sending huge amounts of money down your toilet, so to speak. The majority of people we check have a urine pH below 5.8 and donít realize they are wasting their money on supplements. Restructured alkaline water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize your body. We are meant to be alkaline on the inside of our bodies. If you have any doubts about this I suggest you read Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, available in most health stores.


     I have seen estimations as high as 90 percent of our population are dehydrated and they donít even know it. Research has proven a body needs one-half its weight in fluid ounces of water per day to remain properly hydrated. Dehydration has been linked to many of our modern diseases, too numerous to go into here. If you are in doubt of this you should read Your Bodyís Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., his book will help you understand the vital importance of water. All water does not help hydrate the body efficiently. Take distilled water for example. This water is dead and devoid of all minerals. It is very acidic and will tend to dehydrate you. All distilled water I have checked is about a 4.5pH, that means this water is 1000 times more acid than your blood, which is a 7.3pH. Distilled water must be neutralized and where do you think your body gets the calcium to accomplish this? Iíll leave that deduction up to you. Reverse Osmosis water has many of the same problems. RO water averages around a 5pH, 100 times more acid than your blood.

     Restructured alkaline water is slightly higher pH than the blood, thereby relieving the stress on the body to keep your blood pH balanced where it is supposed to be. Restructured alkaline water, made using electrolysis, has smaller clusters of molecules that enable it to hydrate you faster than tap water. It carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells more efficiently and removes acidic cellular waste with greater effectiveness.

Free Radicals:

     I donít have to spend much time talking about the damage that free radicals can do. Almost everyone is aware of the premature aging and destruction that these renegade molecules are doing in our body. They cause our body to oxidize or rust on the inside. You can see some of the damage in the form of excess wrinkles on the outside. How do we slow down or stop this damage? Antioxidants are the answer. Every supplement company markets them. Restructured alkaline water made with electrolysis functions as an antioxidant. The water is loaded with additional negative electrons that can be used by your body to neutralize free radicals. Imagine yourself going to your tap, filling up a glass of healthy, good tasting water, that is also one of the best antioxidants you could put in your body. Think about it, itís so simple, drinking water, hydrating your body and building a stronger immune system all at the same time!

     Restructured alkaline water made using electrolysis has been consumed by the Japanese for over 40 years and has touched and changed every disease and condition imaginable. I have been using this water for over 6 years and have seen similar results when it is used persistently and consistently. The water is smooth, delicious, hydrating, energizing, permeating, pH balancing and a strong antioxidant. Does this sound like the water you should be drinking? I wish you all good health... 

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What is Microwater? Research Articles Experts Comments Testimonials Alkaline Books Alkaline Water Videos 

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